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Mimi The Motivator | The Link Between Food and Finances

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It is really easy to pick up bad eating habits especially during a pandemic. Picture this, its 9pm on a Friday the evening. I’m scrolling…

It is really easy to pick up bad eating habits especially during a pandemic. Picture this, its 9pm on a Friday the evening. I’m scrolling through the timeline, and I see a seafood boil platter. Shrimp, crabs, corn, you name it! All in a juicy Cajun sauce. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!! Boredom, my love of everything seafood and my cravings coupled with this ad has pushed me over the edge. I reach for my wallet, make my order and wait impatiently to sink my fingers into some crustacean glory.

A few minutes into my grub delight, I get an alert from my bank “your checking available balance fell below your threshold of $$$.” I think to myself, “How can this be? I haven’t even spent much”. So, I go to my bank app and open my account statement in a haste to prove my bank wrong. I scroll through my statement and, alas, they were right. I see all my takeout and food purchases over the past few weeks. Reality set. I need to make changes to my eating habits, and FAST!

So, let’s think about this, How is your food affecting your finance?

1) Eating out: restaurants, uber eats, grub hub and all get expensive really quick. The cost of eating out or ordering takeout adds up over time. Remember, you are not only paying for the food, but also for delivery and other restaurant/app fees. Instead, cook your own food. Grocery shopping cost much less than take out. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish! Don’t spend $30 on a pasta meal that would cost you $10 if you made it yourself.

2) Not eating right costs: “Contrary to public opinion, it does not cost so much to eat health.” What is the true cost of not eating right? YOUR HEALTH!! A lot of these take out spots cook foods that are not health for you. So much fatty stuff that can clog your arteries, foods that slow you down and make you sleepy after instead of replenishing your energy. Food is supposed to be the body’s fuel not a sleeping pill. “When you are not eating right, you are not feeding your body the fuel it needs to function and heal.” Think about this, Health issues cost more than eating healthy. It would cost you more to take a trip in an ambulance after a heart attack than doing your own groceries and cooking. “Take care of your body, you only have one of it.” Health is wealth.

Be more intentional about your health and your finances. Take active steps toward changing bad habits. Create a budget and stick with it. Eat more vegetables. Do your own cooking. Exercise. Spend less on unnecessary purchases and see how much more you are left with to put towards saving and investments.

Food For Thought: Brought to you by Mimi’s Teabag.

“Find strength in knowing you can make a difference in the world.”

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Mimi The Motivator

Your Favorite Motivator’s Favorite Motivator
Introducing Mimi the Motivator, an inspirational business woman, educator and voice in the community. She’s lived between Nashville, TN and Tampa, Florida the majority of her life. Now she spend most of her time in Colorado Springs and traveling the country working with conscious entrepreneurs of various industries.

Mimi the Motivator is a motivational speaker and mindset coach painting the nation green; green is the color of balance, harmony and growth. She has a passion for helping people manifest their desires and becoming the greatest version of themselves, assisting them transform who they are to have what they desire!

Mimi The Motivator | Blog & Podcast

Mimi The Motivator | The Link Between Food and Finances

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