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Mimi The Motivator | How to 10X Your Confidence & Income Earning Potential

Do you know what the curse of the poor is? I got a nugget or two from Haziq Ali of @millionairemindedtv this morning that fed right into to show today. We both had the same thing on our list this morning about giving your inner voice a name. Listen to the end to get the two best expert tips to 10X your confidence this week! If you gain one thing from today’s episode, be sure to share it with someone you love. *The video version of today’s episode can be watched on Instagram and Youtube. *Mimi the Motivator is the modern-day Master Teacher, a dynamic Speaker, Educator, and Coach who empowers all to create the life and business desired. The host of “Get High On Motivation” is on a mission is to educate, empower and equip the minority community through her platforms of self-education, Holistic Health, and Universal laws. The vision is to institute a cycle of generational and community wealth in historically economically challenged families and communities.Sign up today to Convert 30 minutes of content into a 6-week Online Course. Learn how you can easily repurpose your old or new content to create passive income.Buzzsprout – Let’s get your podcast launched! Start for FREESupport the show ($mimileut)

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Mimi The Motivator

Your Favorite Motivator’s Favorite Motivator
Introducing Mimi the Motivator, an inspirational business woman, educator and voice in the community. She’s lived between Nashville, TN and Tampa, Florida the majority of her life. Now she spend most of her time in Colorado Springs and traveling the country working with conscious entrepreneurs of various industries.

Mimi the Motivator is a motivational speaker and mindset coach painting the nation green; green is the color of balance, harmony and growth. She has a passion for helping people manifest their desires and becoming the greatest version of themselves, assisting them transform who they are to have what they desire!

Mimi The Motivator | Blog & Podcast

Mimi The Motivator | How to 10X Your Confidence & Income Earning Potential

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