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Your Favorite Motivator’s Favorite Motivator

Mimi The Motivator | Draw a Line in the Concrete & Living With Your Ex

Wonder why people die lonely, even rich people? Our Food for Thought explains what creates loneliness and alienation. Have you ever been accused of being selfish or self-centered? Today we discuss boundaries and how people react to you upholding your boundaries. Final question, have you ever had to cohabitate with someone you’d rather not?Dip into Mimi’s world for the next 30 minutes, to become 1% better… Then share with a friend or two!Support the show ($mimileut)
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Mimi The Motivator

Your Favorite Motivator’s Favorite Motivator
Introducing Mimi the Motivator, an inspirational business woman, educator and voice in the community. She’s lived between Nashville, TN and Tampa, Florida the majority of her life. Now she spend most of her time in Colorado Springs and traveling the country working with conscious entrepreneurs of various industries.

Mimi the Motivator is a motivational speaker and mindset coach painting the nation green; green is the color of balance, harmony and growth. She has a passion for helping people manifest their desires and becoming the greatest version of themselves, assisting them transform who they are to have what they desire!

Mimi The Motivator | Blog & Podcast

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Mimi The Motivator | Draw a Line in the Concrete & Living With Your Ex

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