DJ Craftmatic

What do you do and why do you do it?

My name is Jordan also known as Craftmatic to most and I’m a DJ producer. I do it because I love it. Bringing joy to others through music

How did I get started?

I’ve always done music. I was a hip hop artist previously. I’ve been on tour with Bone Thugs and Harmony, opened for the likes of Twista, Dorrough Music and Gillie The Kid to name a few so I’ve been in the scene a long time. Long story short, I fell in love DJing using a computer program and I wanted to learn how to really DJ and I began my journey

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

This is a tough one. I’m proud of everything I’ve done in my career up to this point. I’ve played with The Reminders, opened for legends like The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5. I think my most recent success playing a huge car and music festival called Grid Life at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Playing in front of 5000 people, in the rain. The energy was crazy. What is the best advice you have received in the industry? Don’t think locally, think globally.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

If you take it all too seriously, you’ll lose your drive and love. I have to remind myself of why I do what I do.

As a Black man, what obstacles have you overcome to excel in the industry?

It’s an everyday struggle. I have had to overcome every single thing they say is true in Colorado and Colorado Springs. Racism, gatekeeping, perception and even my own people. From venues charging you more to rent the venue to being offered less money for my services by my own people because they value a DJ from Denver more. Entertainment is a nasty business. But I’m as solid as they come and my resume speaks to that.

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DJ Craftmatic

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