We're a church that that seeks the betterment of our community and the advancement of Christ.

You your church and why you do what you do?

My name is Reverend Anthony Greer. I am from Rockford, Illinois.  Im the new pastor of true Spirit Baptist Church. I’ve been here since November 2018.  At the true Spirit Baptist Church, we embrace God’s word and we try to equip the Saints with scripture and Empower them through the word of God. The Church been existing since for 25 years now

What are some things that you’ve been excited about?

Embracing the new faces, the multi-cultural atmosphere and the people’s desire to worship and learn and being excited about the teachings and seeing lives changed.  watching families grow, families join and seeing a lot of young men coming to the family, joining the church

where you’re headed with this church?

One of the things, we’re trying to rebuild is relationships with the surrounding churches of all denominations. The other thing is being a true resource for the community and continuing to educate people with the Bible and strengthening the minds of the people.

what do you think the people need to hear right now?

what they need to hear now is that God loves them despite whatever it is that they’re going through, most importantly, God could use them to help others.  God has entrusted special gifts to all of us so that we could bless others.

What do you think the church needs to speak up more when it comes to our culture?

One is same-sex civil unions. That is one of the main issues that the church needs to speak up about and have discussions with a respectful dialogue.  Another issue we need to speak up about and stand for is equality.

How do you think the church can help with the facilitation of marriage and equality?

We can be quick to listen and slow to speak. Be willing to talk and have open dialogue. The Bible tells us to reason together with fellow believers. That means that we need to sit down and have a discussion and seek to understand each other.  We can agree to disagree, but we still need to focus on trying to establish what is right. As Christians, we learn to love one another and not judge, but we still need to teach what the Bible says about same sex unions.  We teach, we love them and let the word do the rest.

We’re a church that that seeks the betterment of our community and the advancement of Christ.


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