I pray that this will be the first stop of a long-lasting Kingdom-centered relationship between you and Denver Christian Bible Church, or DCBC as we affectionately call her.nnNothing is more important to us than an individual’s personal walk with God. Everything that we do: singing, greeting, preaching, praying, fellowshipping, eating together, evangelizing, teaching, etc. is to support this vision of human beings getting to know Christ in a better way. nnNow, I am not sure why you’re on this site today. Perhaps you heard one of our radio broadcasts and decided to see what this Church is all about. Or, maybe you’re in search of a church home and DCBC somehow came onto your personal radar screen. It is possible that you’re thinking of visiting us in the near future and you just wanted to learn more about us. Whatever the reason, we are honored that you’re here. However, we’d be more honored to meet you in person.nnIf you have a question or need additional information, please call our church office at 303-223-6133, or email us through our Contact Us link on this website. We would find it a joy to serve you.nnMay the peace of the Lord be with you.nnIn His Love,nnSenior Pastor John A. Moreland, M.Div.nFirst Lady Kenna Moreland

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Denver Christian Bible Church

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