Reagahn and Morgan Smith

Two young sisters who together form the Rainbowcubz. an avenue for younger children to gain access to community service.

Meet Reagahn and Morgan Smith. Two young sisters who together form the Rainbowcubz. Reagahn and Morgan are the motivation behind this youth philanthropy movement. Rainbowcubz Youth Philanthropy is an avenue for younger children to gain access to community service. Providing a foundation of encouragement.

The Rainbowcubz in their first year of service has provided the entire student body of Centennial Elementary School with hats and gloves, ensuring that each child was able to focus more on their education than the cold weather. Organizing and sponsoring events like; the Chalk it Out event covered by KRDO News. This event was a way to use art as therapy allowing children to talk about difficult subjects through art. Each child left messages and drew pictures of a missing child in the neighborhood.

Reagahn has begun her first year of education at the Vanguard School, where she has in these few months gained recognition from her teachers and peers, she won the Citizenship Award in October 2020. When she is not trying to save the world with her sister she has taken an interest to the Cello she receives her lesson at the (Colorado Springs Music School) , and she is a powerhouse in gymnastics (Precizon 509).

Morgan is the little big sister, she follows what her big sister does but is her own person. While Reagahn is away at school Morgan hands out bags of food and toiletries to homeless individuals. Cultivating her nurture ensuring she understands that every human is important no matter what. She loves to play piano at the (Colorado Springs Music School). In her gymnastics class, her upper body strength is incredible.

They are normal little girls with dolls and who love horses but they have much to do in this world. They are mindful of the world around them. There is no doubt that these two young ladies will make this world better for them and other little kids.

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Reagahn and Morgan Smith

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