Asia Moss

At the early age of 16, she received her acceptance letter to Regis University of Denver with an academic scholarship for the pre-nursing program


Nominated By Russell & Zakiya Moss

Our daughter is a graduating senior with honors from Discovery Canyon Campus High School. At the early age of 16, she received her acceptance letter to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Regis University of Denver with an academic scholarship for the pre-nursing program. 

Asia is the daughter of a retired licensed paramedic and a 20 year Air Force military veteran. Asia Moss is the third daughter and the third child out of 5 children in the Moss family and we are extremely proud of her. Asia is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars, and Honor Society. 

In her free time she listens to a variety of music, and is a free hand artist with drawings posted on numerous websites. She has been very fond of video games ever since she was little. She is a very loving and caring sister and a hardworking daughter and student.

My Black Colorado Interview

What school do you attend?

I’m a senior at Discovery Canyon High School and I will be attending Regis University in Denver.

What do you think others would say they like about you the most and why?

When I speak out other people tend to notice that it does contribute to the conversation greatly, and I think others notice that I put my best foot forward. I’m also very caring and sympathetic toward others, so I would think that would also be something people would know me for. 

When you’re not in class what are things you enjoy being involved with? 

I’m not really involved in any clubs at the moment, but I have been enjoying drawing more lately. I have two pieces of artwork I painted and those are some of my works I feel like I’ve done the best on. I get a lot of great feedback from people who have seen it so it compels me to want to draw more often. 

How did you get into that creative space of drawing and painting?

I started when I was little and watching cartoon characters;  I began tracing, then I tried the Tim Burton style and anime, but then those melded together and I was able to figure out my art style.

What is the best advice someone has given you recently?

Most of the best advice has come from my mom. Since I’m going to college soon, she’s been saying to make sure to put myself out there so people know me and I’m known for the right reasons.

What is one thing you want to get better at? 

Choosing something and sticking with it. Sometimes I tend to go off track and I try to do other things. I have to stay focused on things that matter too. 

What do you think is a piece of advice that adults need to hear to help them connect with the younger generation better? 

I would say to just listen because adults tend to believe we do not know what we’re talking about because we were raised in different times. And I think a rule needs to be applied that while younger generations need to listen to the adults, adults should lend an ear to the younger generations because they do have good ideas as well as adults.

What accomplishments or awards are you most proud of and why? 

I would say definitely getting into the Honor Society because it’s really up there when it comes to achievements, awards, and academics. I just got my Honor Society ropes for graduation, so I’m really proud of that. It’s made me more confident in my school work lately. 

Tell me more about the honor society.

They have certain criteria that you need to meet like a certain GPA and AP classes. They also help out with exclusive scholarships that are specific for Honor Society students. It also looks good on resumes and to get the recognition for people who are focused and really want to get out there.

What impacts have you made in the community that you are most proud of? 

I tend to make light of situations and I think people appreciate that of me and volunteering in the community.  I remember I used to do volunteer work at a hospital and that’s when I realized I like helping people. That sparked my ambitions for wanting to go into nursing. 

Tell me more about your parents’ role in your life. 

They lean towards me being more mature. That’s what they’re focusing on at the moment. Since I will be going into college at 17 years old it’s going to be a big difference from the regular ages going in for freshman year. They’ve been teaching me to just be more mature, telling me to take situations more seriously, how to apply myself more, and how to get out there more in college. 

What initiative has set you up for academic success at a young age?

So basically I skipped kindergarten when I was little and that’s how I am where I am right now. That has helped tremendously because since I do work a little faster, I have been keeping up with the other kids and I think that was the right thing for me to skip a grade.

What do you think the best advice would be that your peers would need to hear to help encourage them to keep on growing and reaching for success? 

I would say to be fearless when it comes to wanting to go your own route in the right sense. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; if people get jealous of you, so be it. Also, be different from everyone else; if you stick with the crowd no one will know who you really are. Learn to separate yourself from those who just want to make it because if you just make it you’re not really trying to go further. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would just say being on the lowest pillar as a black female in society, it is harder. You definitely have to show more than what you think you need to because people will still look down on you regardless. It can be discouraging, but that’s why I say push yourself out there. You really need that when it comes to being an African American in America.

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