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Category: Community Influencers

Antone Evans | Exotic maava bullies kennel llc

I love dogs and been around dogs my whole life so I started a kennel club business and later started a exotic maava muncheez business as well as a 3rd business exotic maava fashion drip


Dr. Detra Duncan | Duncan’s Fashions

Dr. Detra Duncan currently serves as Fountain City Councilperson At Large. She is the Founder and Director of the Fountain Youth Council. As a student

Doretta Tootle | Thelma’s Dream

My name is Doretta Tootle! I am the Executive Director and founder of Thelma’s dream. My Passion and my heart is for our youth, working

Political Figure | Kevin Cox

My story is one of humble beginnings. I was born in Houston, TX; the youngest of three to a single mother and a deadbeat dad.

Political Figure | Leslie Herrod

Representative Leslie Herod represents House District 8 in Northeast Denver, in State House of Representatives. Capturing over 38,000 votes in 2016, Representative Herod received the

Anthony Temple | Temple Custom Jewelers

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