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Jd Banks | Black Bear Cat Press

Black Bear Cat Press is a small boutique that focuses on quality and cultural competence to give clients stories and happiness through art, design, books, event setup, and creative consulting.


Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

By The Way, Meet Vera Stark by Lynn Nottage (Pulitzer Prize Winner)- Directed by Betty Hart (February 25-March 20)


Elaine Nelson

I am a first-time author and cover illustrator of the novel titled, First the Fire Then the Lie. Born and raised all over Denver and


Rachelle West

Author and illustrator/children’s books


Tawanda La’Shea Jones

No parent wants to hear their child has a terminal illness, and there is no cure.


Lisette Caesar | Reading with Dr. Liz

Founding principal of NYC public elementary school. Self-published author children’s book, Little Lizzy Learns to Read (
Colon cancer warrior and research advocate.


Sheri Yarbrough | S. L. Yarbrough

Psychology of… Horror Villains, Survivors, and Victims. Movie Edition vol. I analyzes iconic horror villains. What may have caused their deviant behavior? Could they have been helped? What treatments are used for the disorder they may have had?

Olumide Olatawura | TOT FILMS

My name is Olumide, but I go by Lumi. Originally from Nigeria, and I just finished my last semester at Colorado Film School as a

Latisha Hardy

This creative inspires out community by the means of dance. She has created a voice and space for Latin dancing and culture in Colorado Springs. Her company is build on the foundation of empowering others to be powerful in our community. I’ve seen businesses, books, self confidence, and community projects all come from the inspiration Latisha Hardy Dance & Co has made available to them.

Kendrick Trujillo

Interview Inspiration can sometimes be hard to seek out. When that happens, how do you usually deal with the “Artist’s Block?” The way I fight


Jakobe Jones

Interview Questions A lot of artists have a specific piece or “magnum opus” that they truly believe is some of their greatest work. Do you


Malachi Clark

The type of art I do is categorized as hyperrealism art. I fell in love with art the moment I saw my mom’s pictures she did as a kid.


Marcus Hill | Journalism

Marcus Hill is a staff reporter for Colorado Publishing House, writing for local publications like the southeast express and the Colorado Springs Indy. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.

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Museum for Black Girls

A TRIBUTE TO BLACK GIRL MAGIC The Museum For Black Girls is an immersive pop-up sensory museum where people not only see the art but


Janeine Scandrett

I enjoy painting canvases, shoes, water bottles, etc. I have lived in Colorado my whole life; the majority of it has been spent creating.


Marqel Wilson

The type of art I do is categorized as hyperrealism art. I fell in love with art the moment I saw my mom’s pictures she did as a kid.

Laiyla Brewer-Gardner

I am a dancer and an artist. The types of art I do are oil pastel, acrylic paint, and charcoal drawing. The types of dance I do are: jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical and jazz funk. I do these forms of art because it helps me express myself to the world


Jasmyne Jones | Portrait/ Abstract art

I am an artist with many interest. I have tried just about every form of art, but my favorites portraits with abstract art occasionally. My



Rap, Hip-Hop Musical Artists; Lyricists committed to advancing the culture musically


La’Chantil C. Floral

Custom floral wreaths- floral design, wedding arrangements and home decor


Aja Maes

Painter, Singer, Songwriter, Beatmaker, Poet


Toks Olagbegi | AHRR Network

Toks Olagbegi (pronounced Tuxx) owns a local Black owned media network called AHRR Network


DJ Ktone

DJ, promoter, music curator, community activist

Cassie Nealy | I Charm LLC

Beautiful Resin Heart Charms… All of my charms are hand crafted made from real flowers nature’s own no toxins…


Dr. Barbara Swaby

Dr. Barbara Swaby is a retired, endowed Professor of Education and a President’s Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Her contributions and accomplishments span the local, state, national and international levels.


ilasiea gray

Actress, Director, Writer, Creator, Educator – Socially engaged artist & educator – Features – internationally published essay on challenges for kids of color (and educators) in the arts, CPR, Denver Westword, American Theatre Mag, Denver Post, etc.


Cameron Clay

My name’s Cameron Clay! I’m 18 years old and I do digital art and makeup. I come from a divorced family and have three younger


Nicholas Elijah Evans

Nicholas is an incredible 11 year old Black poet and musica artist. He is also a great activist and Freedom Fighter. He was performed throughout the state and in DC. He is smart, intelligent, loving, and humble.


Desmond “Motown” Washington

Music including vocals, piano, drumming, producing, and probably more! I’m nominating him because he is a very inspirational artist and supports other local artists in the community as well


Floyd and Stephanie Rance

Showcasing the best in African and African American cinema with the Color of Conversation film festival and talk series.


Deborah J. Anderson

Her voice is angelic, and it touches who ever can hear her sing.


Joseph Lamar

His creative expression is through music. He has a great underground following and supports himself 100% based on music.


Steven Nichols

Quality Over Quantity

Screen printing/Embroidery/Vinyl and more! QoQ helps MULTIPLE black owned businesses build their brand!

His customer service BEATS the rest! He’s reliant, fast, professional and delivers quality within his work and the people he comes across

Edward Sanford

Trinidadian American violinist Edward Sanford has graced stages all over American, Europe, and Asia, and Trinidad and Tobago. He currently is in the Boulder Symphony and on tour with Colour of Music Festival. Recipient of the 2019 & 2020 Sphinx Grant he has captivated audiences virtually as well as in person.


Nishetta’s Photography

We take photos for any and all occasions! Please contact us 7209005971 or


Idris Goodwin

Director of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College | I believe that it’s only through education that the world becomes better. It is how we can become better stewards of the world and of each other. 


Curvy Classy Confident LLC

A lifestyle brand providing Afro-centric jewelry, accessories, and apparel for the curvy, classy, confident woman that you are!


ChloeBee | Writer & Videographer

ChloeBee Brown is an artist, entrepreneur, organizer, and journalist that is passionate about bringing the news to her community.


Keena Day- Author, poet, freelance writer

Keena Day is an author, poet and freelance writer. She was a freelance writer for several media outlets in Nashville including The Tennessee Tribune. Keena also has contributed to radio shows and podcasts in Nashville and Detroit. She is the author of AFROdisiacs and The Colors of My Boudoir.

Manifest Destiny - Talisa CD / Hard Copy / Original Music


Need a professional musician for your next Event? Contact Taliisa Today!


Vanesha McGee

Professional writer and photographer.
Specializing in supporting and showcasing the Black community.


Blackat Video Productions | Katrina Miller

Katrina Miller, owner of Blackat Video Productions! Katrina has been featured in Boulder Lifestyles Magazine, a speaker and panelist at the Rocky Mountain AVExpo, a guest on the KGNU / NAACP radio show, Black Talk, and is currently directing the documentary “This Is [Not] Who We Are,” which explores racial equity and inclusion placing Boulder as a microcosm of the US as a whole.


BaoBao Foundation

Through the richness of West African arts and culture, BaoBao Foundation strives to create an inclusive community here in the USA, while providing opportunities for communities in Ghana, West Africa.


1000 Voices Project

Community Building Through Art. he 1000 Voices Project offers people the opportunity to work together to stimulate self-awareness while cultivating basic human qualities such as compassion, understanding and respect.


Carol Banks Design

Graphic Design: print, digital, packaging, presentation


Life by Design Services

We are event and wedding planners and have our own decoration rentals. We assist with designing and executing the vision, for those special life events worth celebrating, which will leave a lasting impression for both the client and their guests.


RastaSalsa Dance Company

Come and learn salsa and bachata with one of the best at RastaSalsa Dance. Whether your focus is meeting people, finding an energetic way to move, or just to have fun, you can find it here!


Elite Elevations

I offer a multitude of products and services including roots, herbs, oils, spellwork, cleansing (home & body).


A Word From The Editor In Chief

We often worry that we don’t have enough resources in our community to go around. When we see someone in our society that does what we do but does it better than us, many times we get a little nervous.

Jd Banks | Black Bear Cat Press

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