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Gone On Hiatus...

Mimi The Motivator | Gone On Hiatus…

After publishing 225 weeks in a row, the Motivator deserves a break! Therefore she has agreed to take a sabbatical. Check out the 230 episodes


Sophie Stewart-Lopes | SODADE design

SODADE (so·dad) is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for someone or something. Its meaning comes from Cape Verdian creole, the language of my ancestors.

I started handcrafting jewelry pieces because of my longing to tap into my creative side abandoned in childhood for too long. I create unique pieces influenced by my african roots and french/american culture. The last few years have taught me to cherish the simple things and I hope my pieces bring a little bit of light, harmony and beauty to your world.


Jackie Monrio | NyJacket

We aim in developing products that will lift your appearance among your gathering. This is the reason that we never compromise on the quality of our fabrics. Durability, softness, and breath ability are the high-quality features of our products that we keep in mind while designing.


milarose haircare | Mila Rose Hair Care (

Curly hair products: No Sulfate, PEGs, Parabens, Mineral Oil, & Dyes. Mila Rose offers products for natural curly hair. Benefits of leave in conditioner, Leave in conditioner for wavy hair, Leave in conditioner for curls, Curly and frizzy hair, Curly frizzy hair, Dry and frizzy hair, Best sulfate FREE Organic leave-in conditioner for natural dry curly & 4c hair, loaded with keratin protein, natural exotic essential oils, vitamins. 2-1 Leave-in Silkening conditioner is a water-based leave-in conditioner. This leave in conditioner is used to eliminate frizz and add shine to hair.
Best curling custard, Defining custard, Custard for curly hair, Defined curls, Curly hair custard, Hair custard, Curl custard, Defining Curl Custard w/ Vitamin E & Wheat Protein, enhances the bounce in your curl while moisturizing each strand. The styling cream gives your hair a long…


Goddess Innis | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador, Goddess believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community. This is your opportunity to financially support her work.


Blair Minnard | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador of My Black City, Blair believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community.


Randi Rudolph | Lisa’s Kitchen

Lisa’s Kitchen operates on a very small scale, currently with a limited menu of casserole dishes and a few sweet treats.


Jd Banks | Black Bear Cat Press

Black Bear Cat Press is a small boutique that focuses on quality and cultural competence to give clients stories and happiness through art, design, books, event setup, and creative consulting.

Amber Abundance

Comeback with Erica Cobb | Amber Abundance

Amber J. Phillips is a storyteller and filmmaker. She creates world building narratives using warm visuals and vulnerable performances through her lens of being a fat


Dwayne Roberts | Men of Vision

I’m an Influencer, who Inspires men to attain their greatest potential; so, they can thrive and live life with purpose.


Antone Evans | Exotic maava bullies kennel llc

I love dogs and been around dogs my whole life so I started a kennel club business and later started a exotic maava muncheez business as well as a 3rd business exotic maava fashion drip

Ranti In Review | My Faux Fur Outerwear for Winter 2022

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