Wilbert Embry

Patriotism is about respecting the country and people.  Allowing everyone a fair and even voice.


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My husband is beyond amazing! When I met him he was actively serving in the miltary, tending to 2 special need children at home, and putting everyone before himself! He all about sacrifice and service! I can’t picture him living his life any other way! Wil, dedicated 26 years of his life to the United States Air Force! When he retired ,we moved back to his home state of Colorado! He wasn’t ready to fully retired so he went to work for Lowe’s here in town! However, he was missing some of the aspects that the military offered him. He decided to step out on faith and work for a nonprofit here in town ! This lead him to becoming a transportation manager at Care and Share Food Banks! This is a man who doesn’t believe in taking a day off! He is the true definition of being a team player! He feels guilty not showing up for his drivers! During this pandemic he was considered an essential worker and never missed a beat! I adore my husband with my entire soul! The way he loves and care for others make me admire him even more! He believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves!

Wilbert Embry
Master Seargent  Wilbert Embry
Veteran | 26 years in the Air Force


What was the biggest reason that led you to join the military? 

My father taught me that I should make a difference.  During High School he showed me the benefit of joining the Army Reserve which I did for 2 years. Then  I found myself drawn to the Air Force.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in the military? 

Always believe in what you’re doing.  Don’t wait for others to take care of your responsibility

Has the military made you a better person? 

Yes, it helped me create a work ethic.  To treat others fair and stand up for what I believe

What area of your life has the military helped you grow the most in?

 Opening my eyes to other countries and the needs of others.  I have seen how other countries are portrayed on TV but seeing it with my own eyes was remarkable.  Really appreciating what I have and the continuing struggles in this country. 

What is your perspective of patriotism?

Patriotism is respecting the country and people.  Allowing everyone a fair and even voice. Helping to usher in change because the way the country started is not the direction we are going.  Protesting for change is the right of the people and a type of patriotism.  Helping to guide the country to a better place

What advice would you give to others transitioning into civilian life?

Understand it is a different culture and embrace the change.  What are things that people should consider before they decide to serve their country? “Why are you really doing it?”  Truly understand the decision.  It may be to take care of your family or give something back.  The next level of education or dad wants you to move out.  Consider long



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Wilbert Embry

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