Serving Denver for 20 years in the historic neighborhood of Five Points, we've stayed relevant by expanding our practice to include customers of every race, gender and ethnicity, being cared for by some of the City's best stylists, barbers and locticians.

Hairworks has been serving the Denver community for 20 years. We established our home base in 1998, in the historic neighborhood of Five Points, and remain there today. Founder and Head Stylist Tracy Moore, is a native of Denver and returned to her hometown after graduating from Grambling State University, with a goal of providing her community with excellent customer service and knowledgable, brilliant, unique and original styling and haircare.

Today, Hairworks has expanded their practice to serve a multi-cultural customer base and their expertise covers a wide array of techniques including contemporary styling, barbers and locticians, providing beautiful cornrows, locs, twists, and braids. The Hairworks team are dedicated members of the Denver community, as well. Donors and philanthropists, highly active at home because they understand that giving back stretches well beyond a person’s physical confidence or beauty.

We invite you to stop in, or schedule an appointment and let one of our trained and talented stylists, barbers or locticians bring that picture you’ve been holding onto, to reality.

  Testimonial: Tracy styles, cuts, shampoos and maintains hair in the Denver Community for over 20 years. She styles children’s hair and is really great working with the elderly ensuring they have transportation to and from her hair salon

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