To educate on truth about history and spirituality! To bring the Beauty of our light from the spirit to the physical presence.
Mobile services and curbside pickup and online services and covid certified Before you can come for your appointment have you been around or have you had and cold symptoms in the last two weeks or fever � ? If not I will send the address the day before the service.
Our lives are changing stay safe and due to this, I want to share with all my clients current and future. All appointments valued over 30 dollars must have a Deposit of $25 and this will be due on the date of booking and not refunded only will carry on one cancellation. Also, you need to attend your service alone (no exceptions)also if your child is under 18 you must be present for appointments. No exceptions No excuses…
If you are not your appointment in 15 min window you will be a no show and be charged for the service and have to reschedule ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL BE BOOKED ON STYLE SEAT UNLESS STYLE SEAT STATES YOU MUST MESSAGE ME ON STYLE SEAT
I will not be taking any TEXT message appointments. If you have questions book a consultation appointment I also offer virtual appointments. All prices on my site are base prices and may change with style (length, size, time, etc…)
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