The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show

A premier indoor Fine Art Show

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The Beauty Of Blackness Fine art Show Started as a premier indoor event showcasing some of the finest Black and African American artists from across the country. “Producing a fine-art show with talented African American artist has been a dream of Founder and artist Louise Cutler, for many years. However, in 2020 her dream turned into something quite different yet amazing. The Beauty Of Blackness Fine art Show became one of the first ever live-streamed fine Art shows in the country. After cities and venues closed, instead of postponing the show until next year, the show went fully virtual, live streaming the entire festival for 4 straight days from artist studios from across the country on all major social media platforms.

This year’s show Featured Artist is Mr. LaShun Beal. He is a contemporary, figurative artist who has mastered the technical subtleties of several different mediums and subject matters. Beal is content with the spirit that drives him to create a particular work of art and the evolution of his progress, exemplified in his creations. He has traveled throughout Europe, South America, and the Far East, affording him the opportunity to witness other cultures, which are reflected in his art.

Guest Speaker and renowned urban fine-Artist Kevin A. Williams’ original and lithograph artwork hangs from coast to coast in celebrity homes such as talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, and late actor/comedian Bernie Mac. It can also be seen in small businesses and corporate offices. He is the best-selling artist in the African-American print market. Williams is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups, and major international events. His art has been featured on television’s “Law & Order” (NBC) and “Soul Food” (Showtime). Kevin will be speaking on the Art Of Social Injustice. The show features an array of nationally known artists: Carren Clark, Thomas Lockhart, Kibibi Ajanku, Guest host Corinthia Peoples, Phillip Cutler, Patricia Kabora, and many more with host Artist Larry Poncho Brown as well as hostess, artist, and founder Louise Cutler.

This year’s show will feature a 2-week brick and mortar Art Gallery Exhibit in Fort Collins Co at the Merchant Room Gallery in Walnut Creek from Aug. 27 to Sept. 8, presenting the works of the participating artists. There will be an Artist reception on Sept. 3, during First Friday. And yes, the show will still be fully live streamed starting Sept. 2, continuing through the 5th for four straight days. You can purchase art and speak with artists directly in their studios in real-time, live.

The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show founder, Louise Cutler, is a Fine Artist living in Fort Collins Co. She has spent years doing various art shows with fellow artists around the country. For information on the show or to become a virtual host, contact




Streaming Live daily from September 3-6 on all multiple social media sites

The Beauty of Blackness Fine Art Show will host a free online festival Sept. 3-6 that will feature several nationally renowned Black and African-American artists who will participate in studio tours, talks and Q&A sessions that will stream on various social media platforms. There will also be music and the chance for participants to purchase an array of the artists’ work.

Much like an art walk, viewers will be able to virtually stroll to a dozen studios throughout the multi-day event. Attendees can watch the streams on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the show’s website.

Unlike an actual art walk, the beauty of technology allows folks to visit the distinctly creative spaces of artists outside of Colorado.

Artists have Zoom links in place to speak one-on-one with potential patrons during times they are not live on the air. From the news article written by By KALENE MCCORT

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The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show

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