Our Mission & PledgenSustain. Advocate. Grow. Lead.nCOMMIT to the promotion of affirmative action and diverse outreach within the Colorado Democratic Party.nIMPLEMENT Voter Registration Drives and Caucus training to ensure the participation of African Americans in all areas of the Democratic Party’s political process.nADVOCATE and promote political issues that affects the quality of life of African Americans.nBOLSTER African American visibility, access, and leverage in the Colorado Democratic Party and in the political process.nCAUSE and facilitate the education of African Americans in regard to the protocol, procedures, and the organizational structure of the political process of the Democratic Party.nPROMOTE a means of recruitment, mentoring and training in order to foster African American political leadership and potential candidates.nESTABLISH communication and shared interest with other African American Initiatives and political organizations locally and nationwide to assure a cohesive voice within the Democratic Party.

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The African American Initiative of Colorado Democrats

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