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If You want to be a good basketball player,  you are going to find a court You're going to practice.   it's the exact same thing if you want to be a songwriter, write every day.

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can you share a little bit about what you do?

I wear a couple of different hats.  The first one I wear would be the studio manager. So I managed the only free full-time audio Production Studio in America and it’s located inside of the library Pikes Peak Library District PPL D. we remind the community that their voice matters we provide a free service for people to come into the studio Express their emotions Express whatever they want to do whether it’s podcasting. We have comedians that come in and do skits. We have singer-songwriters. We have rappers. I mean the whole works. ITs for the community. we get to see firsthand how this really affects people’s mindsets them understanding that they are on the same playing field as those people that actually do have the money to go into Studios as often as they need to this. Maybe you don’t have that money,

My other hat would be a singer song writer and founder of an audio production company called aim Anthem music Enterprises, and we do just a lot of high quality audio production. As well as affordable for people that are looking to get stuff done. I’m also the multimedia director of break the silence against domestic violence, which is a international nonprofit for domestic violence awareness.  I help manage how all of their audio and visuals get released to the public. They are currently the number one domestic violence awareness organization on the internet. So Just to be a part of that and to kind of help spread the message has just been a true blessing.

what advice would you give your younger self?

I would just you know, maybe I would tell myself to to straighten up a little earlier a little sooner. I think just men in general were we’re already seen in society as late bloomers in terms of maturity level. So I would just try and encourage myself to mature a little bit sooner. But other than that, I would tell me to keep going, you know when you’re young and There’s a road blocking your way. You think that that’s the end of the world you think that you’re completely defeated. and this is it,, your whole world is ending but if you can just push through you might see that that roadblock isn’t a roadblock. It’s just a little speed bump. so you just got to keep going over things and kind of just moving forward.  if  you can understand how to move forward snf  see everything As a lesson then you can switch your perspective from things happening to you, to you making things happen.

what advice would you give someone interested in trying to growing in their songwriting skills. them?

It would be like anybody that wants to do you know that that’s actually serious about doing anything. If You want to be a good basketball player,  you are going to find a court You’re going to practice.   it’s the exact same thing if you want to be a songwriter, write every day.  Some people think that songwriting is just writing the words down on paper. that’s more like poetry versus songwriting because if you don’t have any if you have a Melody to the words that you’re writing then it’s just words on paper.  in the studio, I have people that come in with 5 songs written down.. They bring their notepad. It’s great. they’re excited. they come to the studio and they don’t have a melody, chord progression or know how they want to sing the song. Thats all part of the song writing process, and to grow you need to start learning and practicing how to deliver your content in a way that grabs the listener. Practice your song to music. Or a guitar or piano, so when you are ready to record you have an idea of what you want to do.  It will make the whole process move forward better.

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TerryJosiah | Producer & Singer

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