Sierra Jarmon

"Sierra is a young woman of excellent character. She is always encouraging, She is a wonderful example of what a woman of character actually is."


Nominated By Karen B Miller

“Sierra is 23, going to school full time, and working during the same period. When she is home during break, she is continually active in reaching out to the community. Sierra loves life, people, and the Lord. She is the epitome of a responsible, enthusiastic young woman striving toward her goals with determination even through a wildfire, pandemic, and isolation. A pleasure to know and work with even in a social or business setting. A great role model for upcoming young women.”

Nominated By Harriet Jarmon

“I am nominating my daughter, Sierra Rose Jarmon. Notwithstanding being Sierra’s mother, I must say that Sierra has many qualities that are recognized by more people than just myself & my husband. Sierra’s dream of becoming a veterinarian is her passion! She supports and advocates for the preservation of the American mustang. She’s been the recipient of several scholarships and attends CSU as a biological science major. I believe that she is an example to our young people. Sierra has dedicated her education and life to helping those less fortunate than herself. While in middle school and high school she has volunteered with organizations that work with students with special needs through hippo-therapy. She has also worked to help through school organizations (NJHS: National Jr. Honor Society, NHS: National Honor Society and her church) to support needy families and homeless teens. Sierra is an advocate for family values and education. As a college student, she has been an outspoken advocate for Black conservative issues that affect the Black family. She has been invited to the White House twice and participated in forums of differing political persuasions that support open and free-thinking current issues. Sierra loves God and her country unashamedly. I hope you will consider selecting Sierra for this edition of My Black Colorado!”

Nominated By Joel Longberry

“Sierra is a young woman of excellent character. She is always encouraging others even in the midst of this Covid crisis. There are many young women today… but there are few young ladies. She is a wonderful example of what a woman of character actually is.”

Interview By My Black Colorado

What school do you attend and what year are you in?

I am a senior attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and I major in Biological Sciences with a minor in Ethnic Studies.

What do you think others would say that they like the most about you? explain why.

The thing that I think people say they would like the most about me is that I’m very kind. I always enjoy being kind to the people I come into contact with because we never know what people are going through or what kind of days they may be having. I show kindness and sympathy towards the people whom I meet regularly. I don’t know what they may be going through, but because I know that it’s something Jesus would do.

When you are not in a class, what are the things you enjoy being involved with? explain why.

When I’m not in a class I enjoy doing things, such as reading, hiking, riding horses, drawing (when I can), or watching Netflix (who doesn’t of course!) and spending time with God, such as reading my Bible and praying. Hiking and riding horses is a big part of my life because reading takes me to other worlds that slows me to escape from the reality I currently live in. Since I am human, I experience emotions of grief, sadness, and anxiety. I release negative emotions by reading a book and horseback-riding. I honestly feel that riding horses gives me the wings that I do not have. Hiking gives me the freedom to take in nature and conquer difficult trails and tracks that I thought I’d never been able to accomplish. Drawing allows me to pour out my creativity on paper and let my emotions flow through my pencils. Spending one-on-one time with God helps give me peace, joy, and understanding and it teaches me to have patience. Being involved with these activities is vital for my survival.

What is the best advice someone has given you recently, who gave you the advice, and how does it apply to your life?

The best advice someone has ever given me is to always put my trust in God. My mom gave me the advice that applies to my life although I may go through trials and tribulations but putting my faith and trust in God, allows me not to worry and toil over the things I cannot control or the things of tomorrow. If I rest and ask God to give me peace and carry me through the storm, I have nothing to worry about. I’ve applied this to several situations in my life, and I can say that this advice has gotten me through so many tough times where I didn’t think I would make it out alive.

What is one thing you want to get better at?  explain why.

One thing I want to get better at is having more patience with other people. Although I would consider myself a patient person already, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes, I feel that I can get a little frustrated and impatient when something doesn’t happen to go my way or something isn’t happening fast enough. I can always learn how to better keep myself calm and collected so that I can be an example in stressful situations to others.

What do you think is one piece of advice that you think adults need to hear, to help them connect with the younger generation better?

One piece of advice that I think will help adults connect with the younger generation better is to focus on not comparing young people to each other. I have known some people compare in hopes of trying to encourage someone to be more like the other whether it be in terms of academics, sports, etc, but comparing one young person to another carries more damage than help. Times have changed since 40, 50, and 60 years ago. Attitudes and personalities are much different now than they were 4 and 5 decades ago. Adults should consider changing how they’ll encourage younger generations to do better and improve. Comparing only causes strife and makes one person feel that they’re not good enough. Rather than make them feel lesser, the focus should be given to building them up.

What accomplishments or awards are you most proud of? explain why? 

The accomplishment that I’m most proud of is the amount of community service that I’ve done for my community. I’ve done many community service tasks, but one that I’ve always loved doing is going to schools, nursing homes, hospices with miniature horses. And seeing the elderly and physically and/or mentally disabled. These are people who may feel that they have been forgotten, but I worked with organizations whose goal it was to let them know that that was indeed not so. I loved and still love being able to put a smile on the faces of those who need some extra love and comfort the most. If I can make just one person smile, then I’ve accomplished much more than I could ever dream.

What impact have you made in the community that you are most proud of? explain why?

The impact that I’ve made in the community that I am most proud of is the impact of love, kindness, and caring. As mentioned previously, I love being kind and caring and showing love to others. If I can show those qualities to any and everyone I meet then I’m already making an impact on my community in a way that lasts for a very long time!

What do you think you want to do for a career.  Explain why?

For a career, I want to be a veterinarian. I have a deep love for animals as you’ve probably already gathered (smiley face and wink), so I want to have a career where I work with animals both large and small. Since a young age, I’ve always wanted to work with animals, especially horses. In my opinion, animals are God’s greatest creations. They give humans the compassion and tender love that sometimes we just don’t get from other human beings. They give us the companionship that we truly don’t deserve, and for that, I want to be a doctor that gives back to them by taking care of their health and well-being.

What role have your parents played in helping you excel in life?

My parents have ALWAYS played a role in helping me excel in life, from encouraging me to go after my dreams both academic and curricular, to supporting my decisions that sometimes weren’t always the best, but ones that I thought suited me the best at given times. My parents consistently pray for me, call me, laugh with me, cry with me, and embrace me through the good and bad times. The roles that my parents played/play in my life have helped me excel in almost every aspect of my life that I can think of. I don’t know where I’d be without my mom and dad.

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Sierra Jarmon

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