Sabrina Cooks | Real Estate

I enjoy making people happy. I enjoy helping people find their forever dream home.

How did you start and why did you get into real estate?
I’ve been a Realtor for nine years now. I got in the business in 2004 because we had done a couple of transactions and weren’t happy. I didn’t want anybody else to have to go through some of the things that we went through purchasing our home. So I decided to go into the business. I was in the industry for three years, and then the market crashed, and I changed my career field. I decided to go back in 2013, and I’ve been in ever since.  From purchasing a new build, to buying existing homes, to selling a home or closing a home, we’ve been through it. I know what people are going through in all the different situations that are out there. A lot of times people feel like they’re the only ones that are going through something and they’re afraid to talk to people about what’s going on and how to make it work for them.

What are some tips you would give to someone selling their home?
Make sure that your home is completely updated. Also, stage your home so it looks the best it can. Curb appeal is another thing sellers have to be
mindful of because the first impression of your home is a lasting impression. Making sure your home looks good when buyers walk in or walk up to the house is essential.

Do you think a Real Estate Agent is necessary to help someone purchase a home?
I do. When we purchased our first home, we didn’t have an agent. It was one of the worst experiences because we didn’t know our rights as a buyer and we didn’t know things that we should have. Looking back, we wish we had someone outside of the situation looking out for our best interest. Sellers do have to make sure they have money set aside for repairs because you never know what is going to come back from the inspection. If there’s no money for repairs, it could cost you a deal.

So what are three tips for buyers?
Make sure your finances are in order and that you have your down payment. Talk to a lender six months before you think you’re going to want to purchase a home. If there are things that need to be fixed on your credit, they can help you out. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you can’t buy a home because you don’t qualify. Have an agent, so you have someone to represent you and help you with the transaction, at no cost to you., they get paid by the seller. When you’re deciding on an area of town that you want to live in, drive by at different times of the day so you can kind of see what the environment is like and what type of traffic you have there, so you’re sure it’s the area you want to live in.

What do you enjoy about your job the most?
I enjoy making people happy. I enjoy helping people find their forever dream home. I’ve had a client where I found her the house she wanted and paid the down payment, but I could tell it was not her dream home. I kept looking for her without her knowing and found her another home that better matched what she wanted, she bought that home, and that is her forever home. I like to make sure people are happy, that they’re not just settling for what’s out there.

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Sabrina Cooks | Real Estate

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