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I am Timia Knox, the proud owner of Prissy Bee Nails and Esthetics, the only black owned Nail Salon in Colorado Springs CO.  In addition to my salon I also own  Prissy Bee Nail Supply, a online nail supply store.

I am a 28 year old wife, mom, and self made CEO. At 13, in Akron Ohio, I began doing nails as a hobby. I became quite passionate after countless visits to the nail salon with my mom. I also have a visual art background so nail art became a great way for me to combine my love of nails and art together. At 15, in high school, I attended cosmetology school. To my surprise, and disappointment the program I was in did not teach acrylic nails at all. I did not let that stop me. I continued the program and continued to teach myself outside of school. By 17 I had obtained my cosmetology license, and started mastering my craft. After high school I attended college but eventually realized my nail career would always be my “Plan A,” and not the backup plan so many made it out to be. Soon after, my husband joined the army, and it was time to take Prissy Bee cross country.

Being a Army Wife and has given me the opportunity to live, teach, and slay nails in states including Texas, Hawaii, and currently Colorado. Even though I’ve only been in Colorado 1.5 years I’d like to think I’ve built a great name for my self. The best part of it all is my clients, who I refer to as “Bees.” Not only do they let my creative spirit run wild but they appreciate my professionalism, respect my time,  and add to our positive salon environment. They are the absolute best! Earlier this year I opened my first salon. I’ve been blessed with a team that shares my passion for people, and quality service.

At Prissy Bee “We are passionate about your pampering!” I chose this tag line because I want every client to feel exclusive, while receiving long lasting quality services. For so long women have been used to going to nail salons, paying top dollar for mediocre nails, and leaving unsatisfied.

In the past 10 years black artists have completely flipped the nail industry in its head. We’ve created a space for women to feel educated, empowered, and unapologetic about their self care. We as women can sometimes get caught up in the daily grind. This can cause us to lose site of the things that make us feel pretty. I take pride in knowing I’ve helped a woman feel good and regain a piece of of her self through a set of nails. Women should feel good about doing the things that make them feel feminine and sexy.

I just want to continue to help women recognize the goddess within them. Doing nails helps me do that. Not only do I get to impact women via nail services, but I also get to pour into aspiring nail artists through nail classes and mentorship. My business has grown so much since arriving in Colorado, and I can’t wait to see how we grow in the future.

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