Porsha Stuckey is a compelling, versatile, writer. She’s on a mission to assist Black professionals in pursuance of success through written word and infographics. 

Ms. Stuckey is the founder and CEO of Write Touch Consulting; a highly specialized firm which focuses on resume preparation, professional editing, technical and descriptive literature, website, graphics, and menu design, grant proposal, business writing, and real estate descriptions. 

Ms. Stuckey is highly practiced in writing compositions from a variety of perspectives to achieve any academic, professional, or technical objective. Whether you’re facing the unexpected loss of a job, seeking to re-enter the workforce, change industries, or expand your business through digital marketing, Ms. Stuckey will help you succeed. 

Ms. Stuckey inherited the aptitude to formulate compelling and expressive prose from her mother. It is a talent she has continuously cultivated for twenty years. She believes that even talent which comes naturally must be refined to reach its full potential and therefore studies various forms of the art. As such, Ms. Stuckey is on track to graduate with double bachelor’s degrees in English and Communications. 

Ms. Stuckey’s love of writing is rooted in its efficacy to transform the very thought processes of her readers. She believes that in order to be a successful writer, “you must first understand and respect the power of writing and in oration. Men have used the influence of writing to frighten, inspire, brainwash, and divide the masses for centuries. So, use it responsibly.” 

Furthermore, Ms. Stuckey advises that “aspiring writers should write all the time because good writing means constant rewriting. Each new draft will always be more polished than the first. As well, writers should attend writing workshops and academic courses, and read a lot of books. And you must be open to criticism. If it’s constructive, you will come to rely on it to help you improve so practice not taking critiques of your work personally.” 

Over the years, Ms. Stuckey has primarily built her clientele through word of mouth. She disagrees that customers are only inclined to divulge unpleasant business interactions. Her extensive ‘Testimonials’ page is a testament to this fact. “People connect to realness. They appreciate being listened to, kindness, and respect. I never fail to execute on any expectancy. Because the fact of the matter is, the best and most vital aspect of my business are my clients. I treat them well, and in turn, my business grows. This is a universal law.”

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