Our Love Hate Relationship With Social Media

How much is social media working for you, and how much are you working for them? Who is winning at the end of the day?

We love social media when we find inspiration or advice, connect with a community we value, or when we are  celebrated for who we are or what we do (Likes, Follows, comments).

We hate social media when we don’t get a return of investment of your money, time or emotional capital spent on it (No likes, no follows, no comments, no business leads, no sales, no engagement).  We also hate it when someone elses uses it to gossip about us or air our dirty laundry.

It’s a roller coaster relationship with social media, but despite how we feel about social media, we need to remember, Social media it’s about the Money. In fact, 2022 is projected to bring in  $70 billion in revenue. Social media companies are thriving because they are businesses that focus on 2 main things.

  1. They promote content that brings them money.
  2. They generate leads for those who spend money on them.

The baseline fact is that if you want social media to work for you, you have to work for the social media company, or pay the social media company.

Algorithms, Avatars and Priorities

Social media operates off algorithms. An algorithm is an automated equation that decides what content to show and prioritize. Algorithms are created around the avatars that generate money.  An avatar is a set of characteristics that make up an online identity.   For example, you can have an avatar of an athlete, a doctor, or entertainer, college student, stay at home caretaker, ect.  The algorithm will calculate when, where and how each different avatar is shown to generate the most engagement and profit for the social media company.  If your avatar/your online identity does not generate engagement/money for the company, your avatar is not prioritized and is shown less to your online community.

Three things to know and do to help you benefit from social media.

  1. Know if you are using Social Media for Business, Personal or both. This will help you build effective strategies,  have healthier expectations and perspectives while using it. 
  1. Set some ground rules for yourself: What type of content do you want to share, when do you want to share it, how do you want to share it, where do you want to share it.  Stick to your game plan so you can own social media, and social media doesn’t own you.  
  1. Know your target audience and how you want them to interact with you:
    • You might be the person or business who does not want to feel like you are working for social media just to connect with your target audience.  In that case, you need to find an alternative system & strategy to connect with your target audience.  There are many other good alternatives.
    • You might be fine working for social media to connect with your target audience.  In that case you would need to create an avatar that makes them money, that you identify with, &/or pay the social media company to connect you to your target audience.
    • You might want to use social media as one tool in your toolbelt That generates leads, and connect with your target audience, but ultimately want your audience within your own customer management system. In that case you need to find a strategy to transition your social media community into your own network

At the end of the day, 

It’s important to  remember that when you sign up for a social media account, you are their client, and an employee.  How much are they working for you, and how much are you working for them.  And who is winning at the end of the day?

Brandon Bornes | Founder of My Black City | BornesPro Media & Marketing Solutions

Tell us your thoughts about your love-hate relationship with social media?

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Our Love Hate Relationship With Social Media

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