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What do you do and why do you do it?

I am a master loctician officially for three years now. I started at the age of nine braiding, obtaining my cosmetology license in 2009 and receiving my instructors certification in 2016. I chose to specialize in locs due to the infatuation with natural hair and the versatility and depths of spirituality locs possess.

How long have you been doing locs and how dis you get started?

Locs were incorporated into my services in 2014 due to the demand of those requesting retwists. I was only into braids at the time so I began researching the different techniques and how caring for locs were different than caring for loose natural hair. From there I never looked back. The ability to contour “matted” hair into art and realizing the misconceptions and miseducation of Locs were my open door to change the narrative for our culture.

What are 3 things people should consider before getting locs?

The main three factors before determining if locs are for you are knowing desired partings, size and understanding current health of the hair. Making sure they are themselves educated on the locking process per method desired.

What are top 3 thing people need to do to manage locs well?

Top three things required to manage healthy locs are a hydration, moisture and Protein balance.

How long do locs last and what are the different styles?

There is no definite time frame on how long locs last. Locs are the extension of you and the culture that cannot be unearthed. As long as you have a healthy regimen, a loctician who follows up and monitors your loc journey or even doing so yourself the possibilities are endless for growth. Longevity of loc styles depends on the style itself, home maintenance/lifestyle choices and the overall health of the hair. For exampleTwo barell rolls may last only two weeks for someone active whereas rope twists you can style and wear for a week then allow the ropes to hang for two to three weeks and you will have crinkles for another week or two.

How does colorado weather impact locs?

Due to Colorado lacking humidity it is a task keeping locs moisturized. Locs being prone to dryness and now being in an environment where there is little to no moisture in the air, creating a proper regimen for hydration and moisture is detrimental to healthy locs. Many people think water and oil are moisturizers and reality is oil and water have never mixed. Water only dampens the hair by allowing the cuticle to open with warmer water or close with cooler water. Oil seals, Neither moisturizes.

However how you apply these products can change the health of the locs. Mist, moisturize and seal. Mist by either spraying the locs with water or allowing water to mist from the shower. Moisturize- Finding a product that is the same consistency as slightly watered down cake mix, not watery but not too thick. This will allow the product to penetrate and create moisture retention. I prefer taliah wajiid bodifier mist. Finally seal- Here is where your light oils will be used to lock in the moisture that was applied. Too much and too heavy oils will have an adverse reaction and dry the locs out. Doing so twice at least twice a week will help combat environmental setbacks.

What are some reasons people decide to get locs?

Most people who have done proper research get locs because it allows them to Re-awaken, Re-purpose and Re-define their look. It is a spiritual enlightenment and self love enhancer. Others want to join the trend and a thing to do. The last third group honestly just doesn’t want to do their hair.  No matter what style of loc, natural loose or shaved route people choose to do with their manes there is always a level of maintenance. Educating yourself, researching stylists with integrity are my biggest take aways for any lifestyle choice.  Locs are a RESPONSIBILITY not TREND.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is defined as loving the skin you’re in, having your own style, living life your own way and knowing your true self!

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