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With the temperature reaching a steaming 91 degrees yesterday is a reminder that it’s very much still summer here in Denver. I am however ready to slowly transition into fall fashion. And given the fall season is just a few days away, I’m saying farewell to summer styling this off white Adriana Degreas dress. The
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Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

I’m Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard, born in Nigeria, but I currently reside in beautiful Denver, CO. I studied and earned a B.A. in Marketing but I’ve always been drawn to fashion, art and all things creative. Fashion is the key to my being, I devour it.  I’m also inspired by architecture, art, people, other cultures, music and much more; so it was only natural to share my inspirations and fashion journey with you all.

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Ranti In Review | Off White Dress || A Farewell To Summer 2021 | Ranti In Review | 

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