Melva Hall

School Counselor at Harrison School District #2

My name is Melva Hall. I began working in education back in the early 80s right out of college. I started working as a paraprofessional even though I had a four year degree. My degree is in Criminal Justice. I moved to California. My husband was in the military and the only job that I could really find at the time was working at a school as a teacher’s aide. When I left California, we moved to Arizona where I briefly worked there until we settled in Colorado Springs. My first job here was at Palmer high school as a paraprofessional.  I worked as security and then became the study hall supervisor. In 1992 I went back to school and earned my masters degree in Counseling and Human services from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. I worked at Palmer High as a counselor for one year.  After ten years of working there, I headed off to Sierra High School and and retired after 21 years there. I served as department chair for at least 15 years.  

I retired after 35 years in education in 2017: 31 one of those years in Colorado Springs.  I am currently working at the College Readiness Academy which is housed at Sierra. I love every day that I walk in the building and I really miss the students. I do this because I remember when I was in high school, I really didn’t have any teachers or counselors that helped me figure out what I needed to di to get into college.  My parents and I had to figure it out ourselves. I love helping take some of the fears and stress from students and parents when they are trying to make decisions about careers and college. I have this unconditional love for Harrison School District #2 and the community that surrounds it. It is a pleasure to celebrate all of the achievements that the students have and are making because of all of the staff members who believe in them. I am proud to be one of them. 

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Melva Hall

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