Malachi Clark

The type of art I do is categorized as hyperrealism art. I fell in love with art the moment I saw my mom's pictures she did as a kid.

My name is Malachi Clark, and I am 17 years old. I have a disability, and I am a recent Widefield high school graduate! I love to express myself through the art of poetry!


Spiritually Blind

I’ve been here before / I’ve seen this before / I’ve heard this before / And Yet it’s always new to me / It’s like I was walking in the darkness / Being led by the lost / I was spiritually confused / I was spiritually numb / I was spiritually lost / I was spiritually Blind / I relied on the lost to guide me / But Lost people can’t guide lost people / I kept my mouth shut / Cause I was certain that I could find my way out / On my own / I was stuck / In trap that I couldn’t see / I was lost in a lie that I couldn’t seize / The enemy had sent every army / Every distraction / Every temptation / And I got stuck!!! / You see / I was spiritually blind / I was lost / I was in the darkness for so long / I had adjusted to the darkness / I had given up hope / I was stuck in a routine of sin / And The enemy labeled it as acceptable / This world has labeled it as acceptable / In a generation where lust is fun and love is dangerous / Blinded / Beaten / And Destroyed / My eyes have been tainted / As my heart is shaken / Caught up in the lies of this generation / Focused on the internet’s ambitions / It’s like walking through a dark tunnel / Lost / Desperate / Blinded / But In the last moments / I hear it / A voice calling me out of the darkness / I see it / A light at the end of the tunnel / I feel it / The presence of god / As I walk towards the light / I feel as though a weight has lifted off of me / Then I start running / Everything up to this point means nothing / Because I will finally experience your love / I will finally understand your heart / I’m practically sprinting / The closer I get / The more secure I feel / And As I run into your arms / Everything goes still / Every sin is erased / All of heaven and hell bow down / For they know who you are / I can see / I see it now / When I thought I was alone / You were always with me / When I had given up / You kept calling me / Closer / Closer / Closer / You never abandoned me / You never lost me / You never rejected me /Your love is much deeper than any ocean / Any valley / Any trench / I was blind but now I can see / I was lost but now I’m found / Look at me now!!! / I have been transformed by the blood of Christ / I am not who I use to be / I am wonderfully made / I have purpose / And I am a child of god / I am not concerned with the worlds ignorance / But Withs god mission / So lord / Suit me up / I’m ready to fight for you / I’m willing to sacrifice everything / If it means I gain you / Lord / I’m desperate for you / Lord / I pray i’m your reflection / I long for your heart / Make me a product of you / Use me for your will / If I perish I perish / I’m a child of god / And / I am loved


Many artists have a specific piece or “magnum opus” that they truly believe is some of their greatest work. Do you have any piece that fits that description for you right now, and if so, can you explain the significance of it?

I absolutely love to write poetry! Much of my poetry is based on expressing my emotions and the struggles that I face as a handicapped person and a young African American man.

Inspiration can sometimes be hard to seek out. When that happens, how do you usually deal with the “Artist’s Block?”

I completely agree that inspiration can be incredibly difficult to find at times, but when I face an artist’s block, I tend to listen to music because music really speaks to me and helps me express myself more clearly and concisely when I find more inspiration to write.

The Arts have been an incredible tool to convey personal and cultural themes. What message do you want to convey and have people think about when they see your work?

I want them to be comfortable and confident with themselves and every unique aspect of their soul. I want them to find the pride and love that comes with being confident in themselves.

It goes without saying that the Arts have been an instrumental tool to the Black Struggle and Civil Rights as a whole. What has been your experience as a Black Artist, and how do you channel that experience into your work?

I think that with being an African American man, people have adopted their own negative stereotypes of what a Black man typically is and how he is supposed to carry himself. I want to use the works that I create in order to break down the prejudices held against African Americans and show those who are bigoted and ignorant that I am above these stereotypes.

What or who are the greatest inspirations that have pushed you to become a better artist?

I think that music is a big help in how I choose to write as it allows me to open up my mind to different viewpoints and more concise lyrics that will give more life to my poems! One of my most impactful influences in my art is my old youth pastor, whose kind words and wisdom have made a big indent on the poems I create.

There are many inspiring young Black Artists out there with dreams of reaching the skills that you have. Do you have any advice or lessons that you want to pass on to the younger generation about being an artist?

I believe that the best advice I have to offer to young aspiring Black artists is to follow your heart! Now I know it sounds a little cliche but always believe that the words you say, the art you create, and the voice you have been blessed with matters! It truly does! Don’t be afraid to break the cycle of this generational bigotry and hatred plaguing our nation. Be proud of your race and be proud of who you are. JUST BE YOU!

What process do you go through when creating art? What are the steps you take to ensure that the idea you have is illustrated perfectly?

I sit and think about who I am writing to and what message I want to give them. I think that a lot of the time, people think that poetry doesn’t require a lot of thought, but that honestly couldn’t be more wrong. There is so much time put into every single word of a poem because I want all of my words to truly mean something to the readers.

How have you expanded your collector base and developed your career as an artist?

I expand my skill and collector base by sharing my poems and involving people in my writing process. I have written poems for multiple events and use my art form to touch the lives of my audiences.

Art is a constantly changing medium with new trends seemingly coming out of nowhere. How do you keep up with these trends?

A lot of my poems talk about current societal trends that mean a great deal to me. It’s my own special way of using my voice to speak up for what I believe in. I also use my poems to talk about my faith in Jesus Christ as well! I have also made poems about the pressures of choosing to be your own person and the importance of walking your own path rather than following the trend of everyone else.

Do you have any new pieces that you are currently working on that you would like to preview or mention? Can you explain the significance of that piece?

YES!!!!!! My newest poetry folder is called BEAUTY WITHIN THE BROKEN, and it talks about how life can really suck sometimes but that somewhere in all this struggle, hurt, and brokenness that we’re all experiencing, there is always something incredibly beautiful being made for you, even if you can’t quite see it yet.

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Malachi Clark

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