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Maisha Fields is a dynamic and passionate mother, wife, daughter, public servant and alum of Colorado State University.

Maisha Fields is a dynamic and passionate mother, wife, daughter, public servant and alum of Colorado State University. When asked what is your calling, she replied, My passion is Health and my duty is to serve. Ms. Fields began her career as an intensive care nurse at King Drew Medical Center located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Where she developed a sincere commitment to improving the lives of children and families who live on the fringes of poverty. She is currently the Deputy Medical Director for the DAWN clinic and is responsible for building out an integrative care model for vulnerable adults and children with chronic disease and a history of complex trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2010, Maisha moved to back to Aurora, Colorado to help her mother Representative Rhonda Fields run for the state legislature and establish the Fields Foundation and Dayton Street Opportunity Center. Maisha, serves as the executive director of the Fields Foundation, a non-profit in Aurora, CO, established after the horrific death of Javad Marshall Fields and Vivian Wolfe, Maisha’s brother. Javad and his finance Vivian were murdered 30 days after graduating from Colorado State University in relation to him being a witness to a murder.

The Families created the Fields Foundation to ensure every child has a healthy start, a fair, and safe head start in life towards a successful passage to adulthood. The Vision of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund is to empower children youth and families by providing access to health care, quality education, and positive character development. After a 3 year capital campaign Maisha was able to successfully raise over 400,000 for the build out of the Dayton Street Opportunity Center. A One-Stop-Community Resource Center, working to close the opportunity gap through early childhood education, health care, mental health services, and employment.

She has focused her career on advocacy, research, and health policy development dedicated to improving equal access to quality healthcare, education, employment and housing. Her commitment and expertise carried her to the Governor’s office as state-wide political director. Through her incredible ability to resonate with the everyday stories of voters, Maisha helped Governor John Hickenlooper secure a second term as Democratic Governors.

Maisha was honored by the Denver Business Journal, 40 under 40 and also received the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award. Maisha lives her life with vigor, she uses her hands to heal, words to speak life and peace and feet to tread new pathways of hope, promise and restoration to every child and family she encounters.

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Maisha Fields

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