Louise Cutler Studio


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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenity into a world where chaos has become the norm."

Louise Cutler is a Fort Collins based Creationist, artist, writer and sculptor. Her work is motivated by her desire to create beauty that cultivates truth, peace and tranquility.” Her eclectic blend of cultures keeps her work fresh and comprehensive. Her art is often figurative with a semi realistic approach. She loves drawing people, faces and the clothed human form often using nature as a backdrop. Her desire for peace and harmony is echoed throughout her work, something that was hard to achieve growing up in a family of nine. Ms. Cutler feels that in order to understand ones humanity we must first look outside of self and into the eyes and struggles of others, only then will we find our true purpose. Mrs. Cutler has been an artist her entire life. And have shown her work throughout the US and Canada. She got her start professionally drawing portrait on the streets of Chicago with the local street artist


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