Teacher at Thomas Edison Elementary in Colorado Springs

I am a teacher/educator. My reasoning for doing what I do, is as follows. First of all, I had many positive influential teachers during my school career. Next, I was told by childhood friends, that I always voiced becoming a teacher when I grew up. For some reason, I can’t remember saying that. I do remember playing school quite a bit. Last, but not least, I was/am tired of watching so many minority students fall through the cracks, often times because they don’t feel comfortable in today’s society. They feel as though they don’t belong, and that it’s all for one race/ethnic group. Too many have I seen and heard from, concerning their capabilities, and whether or not, they had/have what it takes to make it through school, based on the society that we live in. They don’t see very many minority educators during their school life, and when they do, their eyes just light up! It touches my heart, and you see a glimmer of hope, and you do your very best to see them successful through school and beyond! I love seeing the growth throughout each school year, in ALL of the students I come in contact with, because I think it helps them see that they can do and become anything they set their mind on doing or becoming. That’s what I tell them, and that’s WHY I do what I do.

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Lolita Wilson

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