Leona Abdullah-Ward | In-Balance

A healthy lifestyle change can make a difference in your mental, spiritual and physical health, giving you the opportunity to live life to its fullest,
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Leona Abdulla-Ward | In Balance | Yoga Instructor

I am a Retired Military (E-8 MSG) Soldier, A lifelong exercise enthusiast, Psychotherapist/Yoga-Exercise Instructor, and I am in the process of expanding my Private Practice from a talk therapy, to Dance Therapy to encourage more avenues to mental, physical, and spiritual healing. I do what I do to provide an educational fitness and therapy studio where members can attend a wide array of courses including physical and mental wellness programs with the intent to encourage healthy behavioral and lifestyle changes. I like to say I got started in the housing projects on the West side of Chicago Illinois. We lived on the 14th floor and the elevators were always broken, so I went up and down 26 flights of stairs at least 3-4 times a day, I joined the Army and realized its rigorous fitness Program was very easy for me to concur, I guess the projects did something good, I became a Master fitness Instructor and taught fitness to Military leaders who were obligated to keep their Soldiers Physical Fit. It became a passion learning its benefits to health and I would like to share that passion of health with a community stricken with health disparities that can be illuminated with knowledge. A healthy lifestyle change can make a difference in your mental, spiritual and physical health, giving you the opportunity to live life to its fullest, it can reverse the “irreversible” diabetes, stop the ingestion of dangerous medications and ladies, it will take away the need to purchase make-up, your nutritional change will be your makeup and you’ll love it and your new vitality for life. I am learning that Physical Fitness alone is not the answer to a healthy body, but what we put into our body, giving our body movement and the ability to be stress free at will, this is what I offer at In-Balance. I would tell my younger self “You go little girl, you got it going on” . -Written By Leona Abdulla-Ward

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Leona Abdullah-Ward | In-Balance

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Leona Abdullah-Ward | In-Balance

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