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Lauren Penn has been healing people for more than twenty-five years. She was born with an innate gift to quickly discern the root cause of a person’s ailments and devise an effective plan of care to cure and restore them.

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Dr. Lauren Penn
Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness
Colorado Springs, CO
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An Interview  With Dr. Lauren Penn

Founded by Dr. Lauren N Penn in 2019, she is an agent of wellness. Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness LLC focuses on introducing our patients to themselves. We believe in giving our patients their life back. Chiropractic is about giving patients their quality of life back. Our practice has seen patients that have had little to no luck with their health conditions with other practitioners. Then we look for the deeper solutions to the patients health issues. We teach our patients “Things Doctors Don’t Tell You: That You Must Know” a ebook we share with our patients to see their health conditions optimize and their quality of life improve

We take a wholistic approach to health and wellness. We look at the root cause of the problem and build a custom health journey for our patients. Teaching is a large aspect of what we do in our clinic. We introduce our patients to themselves.

As a black woman who served in the military, what is your perspective on patriotism?

By definition, patriotism is the quality of being patriotic. Devotion to and vigorous support for, one’s country. Indirectly i was patriotic in serving my country. I signed a contract to be devoted vigorously to the U.S. and it’s protection & government. But the country is the people, not just the land. And that gets a little difficult. Because the people are not always fighting for the support of patriotic rights, but instead their individual beliefs. For instance, Black Lives, Native Americans, Hispanic lives, and other people of color – their lives don’t seem to matter in this country as much as other demographics.

What advice would you give to those transitioning our of the military?

I would tell them to “stay the course.” In other words, remember WHY you went into the military. If you went because you wanted to go to school – then go to school. If it was to learn a trade, then learn the trade. If it was to better yourself and get a better life, then make sure you explore all the opportunities the military can offer. Learn what benefits and resources you have as a veteran. Be open-minded, because your military experience may not define who you are in civilian life.

What should you Consider before joining the military?

They should consider choosing a trade in the military that they can continue to do when they get out. If school is your objective, then go to school when you’re in the military. You can buy a house while you are in the military without using your VA benefits. Build wealth while you’re in the military. Make your health your priority. If you’re a woman, the statistics for sexual assault & rape are high in the military. Don’t go anywhere by yourself. Stay the course.

Testimonials #1
Dr Lauren Penn is not only a great chiropractor, she is a powerful healer and someone who knows how to help people achieve wellness. Wellness is so much more than health: it is mind, body, spirit, passion, etc. I have heard Dr. Penn speak several times – she is always informative, engaging and spellbinding. She brings an immense amount of erudition & practical common sense to every topic she covers. I always come away from her talks with new insights and ideas and a renewed sense of the possible.
-Kent Felice

Testimonials #2
Dr. Lauren Penn is a phenomenal speaker. She’s a natural and is extremely passionate about healing through the skill of Chiropractic. The ultimate goal of her podcast appearance was to build awareness of her knowledge in the field and showcase her well-executed expertise. Her nutritional and holistic methods of advice are golden.
-Shellie Smith

2019 Interview With Dr. Lauren Penn | Chiropractor Care

Lauren Penn has been healing people for more than twenty-five years. She was born with an innate gift to quickly discern the root cause of a person’s ailments and devise an effective plan of care to cure and restore them. Today, as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, she continues her life’s purpose through her private practice, Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness, located in Colorado Springs. Dr. Penn’s journey as a physician began out of necessity to establish steady employment independent of corporatized healthcare. And to acquire freedom as a single mother to readily parent her son, who suffered from asthma and eczema. Yet, doctoring by far wasn’t Lauren’s initial objective: “It was a fluke. I never wanted to be a doctor, but the doors for nursing were closing for me. I’d applied to the University of Arlington and had been on their waiting list for 2 ½ years. I worked for a hospital that said it would pay for my nursing school. However, when the time came, the Director of Surgery refused to sign off on my schooling because he felt no one liked me.” Nevertheless, her employer’s refusal to pay was a powerful motivator for intense self-reflection, which doubly served to extract her strengths. During her tenure, she’d developed a special soap for her son’s skin disorder, which became useful to others with similar conditions. As well, she’d successfully treated a man with shingles using her own blend of essential oils. Likewise, a woman with a severe case of painful sinus and inflammation issues was cured of her ailments when Dr. Penn administered a parasite cleanse, that consisted of applying a substance called Paragon by way of drops on the tongue. That patient hasn’t suffered sinus issues since. “The thing is, I never volunteered my services or expertise. Those I treated came into my care during casual encounters or happenstance. So, I never considered holistic healing as a career.” Dr. Penn recalls 2012 as being her hardest year in corporate healthcare. She was a surgical technologist at a hospital in Texas, where she’d gotten written up for a complaint she wasn’t allowed to rebut. That day she emptied her locker in preparation to immediately depart the building if they were to fire her. It took another year, but ultimately, she was unjustly terminated: “The staff had been following me around, trying to get me fired. Eventually, they succeeded by blaming me for incidents that weren’t my fault. By the time they succeeded, I had already been accepted to Chiropractic School. Lauren graduated from Parker University in 2017, with a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree. After successfully passing all her boards, she opened her first private practice, Temple & Penn Chiropractic in Dallas. She attained several regular patients who sustained the practice for a year before her decision to relocate to Colorado. Future aspirations for Dr. Penn include expanding the size of her practice to accommodate her growing client base and continuing to formulate effective treatment plans through environmental remedies.

Written By Porsha Stuckey

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Lauren Penn | Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness LLC

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Lauren Penn | Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness LLC

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