Latricia Ferris


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Financial Literacy Teacher, Mentor & Life Coach

I teach financial literacy/entrepreneurship as well as mentor to students around Denver metro area. I do this because I grew up in the Denver 5 Points neighborhood and was surrounded by gangs, drug and violence. I almost fell victim to the streets a few times. When I had children of my own as a teen mom I wanted to make a difference, but not only with my kids. I decided to launch my business and teach our youth how to navigate through life’s challenges and use those challenges as tools to achieve greatness.

Believe & Imagine however I am partnered with Morey middle school as well as Highline Academy charter schools. I also work with Junior Achievement and FBLA students across the state., I work for my own organization called Dream, My expertise is in finance and business consulting. I have worked in the finance world over 6 years and have been a business consultant of 15.

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