Kendrick Trujillo


Inspiration can sometimes be hard to seek out. When that happens, how do you usually deal with the “Artist’s Block?”

The way I fight artists’ block is by getting inspired by other artists in my field. I think competition motivates me a lot. When I see other artists working hard, it makes me want to do the same.

The Arts have been an incredible tool to convey personal and cultural themes. What message do you want to convey and have people think about when they see your work?When individuals see my work, I want people to see the beauty in humanity. As a species, we are far from perfection, but when I take photos I want to express what makes us great.

It goes without saying that the Arts have been an instrumental tool to the Black Struggle and Civil Rights as a whole. What has been your experience as a Black Artist, and how do you channel that experience into your work?

I feel like I have a hard time talking about the black lives matter movement. Since I’m not well-spoken, I communicate through my art. I think it is so important for black artists to spark these conversations.

IWhat or who are the greatest inspirations that have pushed you to become a better artist?

think my biggest inspiration is my mom. She raised me as a single mother and I want to repay her back by becoming a successful creative entrepreneur

There are many inspiring young Black Artists out there with dreams of reaching the skills that you have. Do you have any advice or lessons that you want to pass on to the younger generation about being an artist?

No matter how skilled you get, you will always be your own biggest critic. I would say, go easy on yourself and give yourself more credit. It is very difficult to be an artist. What’s most important is that you keep creating no matter what.

What process do you go through when creating art? What are the steps you take to ensure that the idea you have is illustrated perfectly?

I don’t think I have my own concrete process. I feel like putting steps on my art really limits my creativity. For photography, I just follow my gut and look for what catches my eye.

How have you expanded your collector base and developed your career as an artist?

I’m still growing every day. I believe my technical skills have grown a lot all thanks to youtube. As I become more knowledgeable of my craft I hope my career grows as well.

Art is a constantly changing medium with new trends seemingly coming out of nowhere. How do you keep up with these trends?9. I think just following social media gives me an advantage as an artist. All the trends I follow are usually from Instagram.

Right now I’m working to create some social media content for a local salon. I have a passion for helping small businesses.

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Kendrick Trujillo

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