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Director of Humanities and Creative Core, DSST Public Schools Author Community Education Advocate

I believe that literacy acquisition is a civil right, and I work with school districts/network, school leadership, parents and teachers to restructure literacy structures to improve access for all students. I am a seventeen year literacy educator who has taught grades 6-12 ELA and AP courses in public schools and as an adjunct writing professor at the collegiate level. Spending time preparing the next generation and arming them with critical thinking and literacy skills while learning about their lives and creating relationships with families is why I continue to do what I do. Now as a curriculum and instruction administrator, I know I must work to disrupt systems of Eurocentric approaches to literacy. I am encouraged to implement a transformative literacy program and improve not only state literacy scores for our schools, but to emphatically increase students’ readiness for career, college and beyond. I also am an social change activist who works to educate the community on literacy practices that can be done at home and work to connect community organizations to schools.

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Keena Day | The Savvy Urban Educator, LLC

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Keena Day | The Savvy Urban Educator, LLC

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