Json Martin | Producer

What I've done is taken my music theory knowledge, my sound engineering knowledge, my photography and videography knowledge and kind of combined it together to create a real high-end finished product.

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How did you get started?

I got my start out in the church when I was very  young. I was directing my own choir at the age of 15 and I just wanted to bring something different in terms of music.  I kind of moved into more of the secular realm and I just noticed that so much of the music was just really lacking a different perspective of just a different narrative in terms of what it is to be black in America. I feel hip hop in general can be kind of a monolith and it really just kind of sticks with one Narrative of know the hoods of the gangster, The Hustler.  I kind of want to just to bring a different perspective and narrative to that and just bring a higher standard in music. Most people that are rappers, you know, all they do is rap, They don’t really actually have a music background. What I’ve done is taken my music theory knowledge, my sound engineering knowledge, my photography and videography knowledge and kind of combined it together to create a real high-end finished product. So I’m one of the very few artists in Colorado that is truly in all aspects a dependent. So everything you hear from the recording to the engineering to the mastering to the songwriting to the hook, to the many aspects of the production. It’s done by myself. it was kind of out of necessity.  For me to have a fighting chance, I had to stand on my own two feet and create my own opportunities.

What are some exciting things that you have been proud of?

Slam poetry. I got to compete in Nationals with mos def being my judge. I’ve gotten to travel around quite a bit, just doing what I do. Now I’m kind of on the more advanced stages where I’m  actually turning the Music into a business and actually paying bills with it. I think that’s kind of an underrated thing that people don’t really want to give as much credit for, if you can actually live out your dream and you’re legitimately paying your bills every month with it. I kind of view that as being very successful because very few people can do it. You have to have a business mindset to the point where they can start making money.

What have you learned about The whole process is turn your art into a growing business?

The truth is I’m still learning because I’m very much the Artist’s Artist. I like being in the studio. I like creating but as I’ve started getting more show opportunities and my name’s been getting out there more, there have been individuals that come along and have taught me why I need an ASCAP and BMI, why I need merch and things like that.  I recently went on tour and made decent money selling merchandise. If you if you’re trying to be an artist and your not making money at it, you’re not going to be doing it very long. I have to see what I’m doing more of like a multimedia and marketing business.

What artists have you been excited to work with?

this might seem kind of superficial but believe it or not, one artist that I’m really happy to work with his actually my girlfriend.  A lot of folks don’t know she actually is the highest viewed Colorado artist, anything that she pretty much puts out. She’s gonna get a hundred K views on it. No matter what and it’s very exciting to work with her because it’s a very different style of music so she does afro-pop.  I’ve also been really happy to kind of just be mentored by some Colorado’s top producers from boonie Mayfield to Cam’ron Reams. I’ve been able to sit down with the reminders a couple of times.

 What’s your workflow

We live in very much a social media world where everything has to be put out so quickly. I don’t do that. I really  take the time to find out What is The X Factor in each particular song that’s going to make it stand out, that’s going to make it listenable, that’s going to make it something that you actually want to play on your phone repeatedly, I go at it from every aspect, not just in the rapping, but the song writing, the hook, the overall flow of the song. I do sampling and production  work on the song. I Really go in depth into the music which is where my music theory background comes in. I want to elevate the song above the rest. A lot of artists, they don’t understand it. They just kind of lay their vocals down and let the engineer work Their magic and say okay, that’s it. But there’s so much more to the music than just what you as the artist are doing. I mix very musically so the vocals are not always going to be stagnant and above the be all the time. There’s going to be times where the instrumental kind of takes over a little bit and take over the vocals a little bit in certain areas to kind of create a movement. that’s just how I work. I just kind of work differently.

 Where do you see you heading in the future? 

In the future. I really want to take the next step with my music and try to find the platform that’s going to have me reached the audience that I need to.  Like I know a lot of artists really say this. I really do think I can be an industry artist. I really do think I can be Innovative enough creative enough and hardworking and driven enough to be an industry artist and it’s not really going to affect me in a negative way. As long as I have,  the decent business mindset. I think everything else can come.

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Json Martin | Producer

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