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The mission of My Black City is to facilitate a cohesive ecosystem of the local black community to inspire, innovate and connect local black communities together.  Since the beginning, we have partnered with our local black communities to empower and highlight the work they are doing & to create systems to help sustain their impact and create a legacy.

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Annual Event,  celebrating those who received the most votes from their communities.  25,000 votes have been submitted by the com.

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Local Partnership With Arts October in Colorado Springs

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We strive to create opportunities for local business owners and the local community to connect to each.  We also sponsor local events that are in alignment with our mission.

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My Black Colorado, Cottonwood Center for the Arts & Lategro were excited to present the Cottonwood Community Juneteenth Celebration for the month of June.

This installation was a thoughtful, diverse, and eclectic collection of works from over 12 upcoming and established visual artists from the front range, working in every medium, with compositions spanning across all subject matter.

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Our Database has over 500 Feature Interviews and  growing Directory of Black owned businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, civic and social organizations, educators and influencers.  Our directory is free and updated by the community.  We use our directory to find locals to celebrate in our publications.

Visit myblackcity.org/directory

We have a team of consultants who can help get you where you need to be.

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An Initiative to create Magazines & Newsletters for your local black community. 12 Print magazines, highlighting over 500  local black people and businesses have be published and distributed in local black networks

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Move For My Health is an initiative launched by My Black City in 2021 to help promote mental and physical health among the Black Community. ​Dedicated to enhancing the lives of people of color who have limited access and/or exposure to health care and mental health. We are rooted in spreading awareness around physical and mental health in black neighborhoods to better serve our communities and beyond. We are by the people, for the people.

29 groups/234 people participated in 2021

Visit Moveformyhealth.com

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We are developing a database of local black content creator blogs, covering various topics that impact our community

Go To myblackcity.org/category/directory/featured-blogs/

A Networking initiative, hosted by My Black City and Local Partners.

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An initiative to Create Free multimedia for local Black Creatives to help them market and celebrate their creativity

An initiative to help  being awareness to black vendors by buying, sampling, reviewing and sharing on social media, what we like about their products.

This initiative focuses on interviewing those in the community who have left a legacy or are building a legacy that we all can be proud of.

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