As a Brand Ambassador, Goddess believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community. This is your opportunity to financially support her work.

Why I Joined My Black City

I am a strong advocate for diversity and love all things inclusive. My Black City is the perfect internship for me. Recently, I have gotten more involved in the African American community and its vibrant culture.

It has been over 10 years since I came to the United States and for as long as I have stayed here, the only things I have shared with the AA community are the racism, prejudice and hatred this country provides. I would like to interview amazing black business owners, professors, etc so that I may finally be able to share some positive things with the AA community when it comes to being black in America. I hope to obtain new knowledge, perspective, interaction and experience with the AA community in a whole new light. I also hope to gain more connections with influential African Americans that make our community what it is now.

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