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Gourmet Pound Cakes passed down from generation to generation!

I grew up in Camden New Jersey at a time when the media was characterizing Camden as the worst city in America.  The one thing I would do throughout my high school years was to read the business section of the paper every day.  I was totally fascinated and excited about learning who was buying who and looking at the stock market.  I didn’t know what most of that stuff meant, but I knew one day I would be apart of it.  I also spent a lot of time with my grandmother, we called mommom.

George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes is rooted in family our tradition and a desire to start a family business. After mommom passed, I was going through some family scrap books and discovered her original recipe. I remembered those times, I cherished those times, I valued those times, I long for those times and through her recipe I am recreating those times for another generation.

George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes is about creating a feeling that’s been buried. To remind you of those precious moments sitting at the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon.    To serve and what better way to do that than offer the best pound cake I can make with the heart of my mommom.  Creating a product that surprises and brings my customers back to those nostalgic times is what George’s Gourmet Pound Cake is about.

Product Details

Rocky Mountain Honey-  We have selected  honey from the beautiful state of Colorado and infused it in our pound cake to produce a distinctive taste only found in Colorado.

Outrageous Butter—This is our original old fashion butter pound cake  made by my grandmother handed down by her mother.

Mom Mom’s Dark Marble- Our marble pound cake stands out from the competition, by introducing Dark Chocolate to a great tasting pound cake.

Coconut Lemon—We have married all natural coconut to all natural lemon to produce a smooth tasting pound cake. You will not be disappointed.

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George Baines | George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes

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