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SEXY WINK LLC - A Beauty and personal care business. Licensed cosmetologist specializing in eyelashes and waxing along with handmade strip eyelashes.

I’m Faith Harris A Professional model and licensed cosmetologist specializing in Eyelashes, waxing , & handmade strip eyelashes. I have been licensed since 2016. I graduated high school with my license to pursue my dreams . I have been in business for 2 years now and very proud to be a black owned business. I specialize in eyelashes and waxing but mainly as of now making handmade eyelashes due to Covid. 

 I have a passion for eyes and eyebrows enhancement.my purpose is to help women enhance their beauty especially women who have suffered from cancer and no longer have many eyelashes or eyebrows. I strongly encourage women to love themselves with their natural beauty and only add slight enhancement. I personally truly believe having your eyebrows and eyelashes done help bring out your other features in your face such as your cheeks and  lips.

A few basic tips I encourage my clients or customers is to always keep your real and false eyelashes clean, do research about the service or product before committing to an service or product to be sure you don’t have any allergies. Makings sure the eyelashes you get compliments your features makes a huge difference so knowing your eye shape. If you’re getting extensions being aware that is is time consuming so be ready for a free nap. Making sure that all implements are sterilized & eyelash brushes are NEW. Always be honest with your beauty advisor about your health. When it come to eyebrows you want to be sure your brows simply fit your face! Thin brows are not in style so keep a thick to thin brow is the common look now days and I personally love that look because my eyebrows are naturally thick. When getting your eyebrows waxed you want to be sure that everything is clean (implements that will be use on you to perform the service) and are NEW!  your beauty specialist and you should both wash your hands prior to arriving to your session.  Simply being comfortable or as I should say create a safe space between you and your beauty advisor .Now,  when it come to your eyebrows you want to be sure they are always the same length on the ends and in the middle however some people naturally have one eyebrow a tad bit different from the other and that is common but if that is not the case you want your brows to be snatched and alike. After care is important just as well so if you have very sensitive skin i advise you to allow your beauty advisor to know in advance so they can use professional products for sensitive skin and be sure they give tips on keeping your eyebrows hydrated with an natural oil such as vitamin E, coconut oil, or castor oil to prevent from skin irritation such as hives.

So much information right! I hope you enjoyed reading getting to know my professional business, Hoping this leads to meeting with you soon!

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Sexy Wink LLC | Faith Harris

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Sexy Wink LLC | Faith Harris

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