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I’m the owner and lead technician at Edje Skin Studio a premier provider of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Barbering, and Skin Care services. As a barber of 15 plus years I’ve always loved the confidence boost these services provide. At Edje our main service is Scalp Micropigmentation which in short is essentially a cosmetic tattoo that gives the look of a short haircut and can fill in any balding or thinning areas that blend right in with the existing hair. It’s a paramedical procedure that provides hyper realistic results and it is great for men and women.

SMP has been getting a lot of attention lately because in terms of hair loss solutions it’s much longer term then the dyes and fibers on the market currently. It’s also far more affordable than alternatives such as hair transplants which can be upwards to $12k and SMP is a fraction of that. As more people discover how safe and easy it is they are opting for the many benefits of SMP. The industry has changed from very limited exposure to more artist becoming instructors and holding class room trainings on SMP allowing new artist to start providing it in more cities.  It’s becoming more commercial as society evolves to make life easier by giving clients care free results that allow them to just wake up and go. For years I’d had clients that were trying to camouflage balding or thinning areas of the scalp and I just knew there had to be a better method and sure enough I discovered SMP and it started gaining momentum as hundreds of thousands have now opted to get it done.

Some of the main benefits of SMP would be that it’s completely safe, requires very little maintenance, heals quickly, and is long lasting among others. Because it’s not actual hair you no longer need to continuously purchase hair products or style the hair to hide hair loss. It’s also a non-invasive treatment so healing is limited to just a few days and most clients are back to work in just two days and some even the next day. There’s no bandages or stiches to worry about and results are immediate. After a couple hours at the apt you’ll be leaving our hair loss clinic with results you can see. Scalp Micropigmentation will last for years and won’t fall out or change colors or anything like that it will just fade over the years and just requires touch ups to be maintained. You can even make stylized changes to it and deepen the color over the years if you so choose.

I always urge newer clients to educate themselves as much as possible on the process and the practitioner to make a sound decision. Some things to consider before getting Scalp Micropigmentation would first be any health considerations that may be a contraindication such as heart conditions, skin cancer, use of blood thinners, or pregnancy etc. That coupled with finding a trusted artist that has a good amount of diverse before and after photos in their gallery to ensure they can deliver the results you’re seeking. These would be my recommendations to make a sound investment in SMP. SMP is definitely tried and true and looking back the only thing I’d change is starting this path a bit earlier.

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EDJE Skin Studio | Rodney Scott

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