The KRPMF was established in 2019 to raise awareness of Epilepsy & SUDEP, provide scholarships for youth, promote and/or sponsor creative arts events for healing and provide resources for those living with Epilepsy.

My husband and my professional backgrounds are in education and healthcare respectively. We have lived in the DC area for over 35 years after graduating from Howard University. We love God , our family and village. We have a passion to help families and couples. After losing our youngest child Kayla ( of three children)at the vibrant age of 26 ( of three) unexpectedly to Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy SUDEP) we desired to honor her memory and give back to the community. We turned our mourning into mission and created the Kayla Ross Perry Memorial Foundation. After the foundation work is done, you can find us taking a brisk walk in our neighborhood. Enjoying a meal at Succotash Restaurant at the National Harbor after attending worship service Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church is a must.

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