I'm an Influencer, who Inspires men to attain their greatest potential; so, they can thrive and live life with purpose.

In 2014, he founded the non-profit Men of Vision Colorado Inc. Where his quest and passion is to impact the lives of justice involved communities through personal development and transformational speaking. He works closely with multiple organizations within the community; such as, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Embark Recover, Community Works, Hope Advance, Prison Talk, and Colorado Springs Adult Parole.

Dwayne is an energetic transformational speaker who possesses an amazing ability to interact, influence, and inspire.
As an empowerment coach, and CCAR coach he helps others to increase self awareness, create alignment, and fiercely execute toward their goals.
As a DISC certified leadership consultant, he helps leaders to identify gaps and take action toward fulfilling their purpose and maximize their potential.

Dwayne knows what truly drives vision, strategic planning, fierce execution and culture shifts that have a lasting impact on individuals and organizations. He is known to some as the voice of reason, who is poised and confident and speaks from the heart. He believes your ability to empathize with others is the foundation of healthy, high-performing environments.

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