Chief Learning Officer

I spend my time educating individuals on personal branding, career pathing, leadership development, executive coaching, interviewing skills, and strategic planning. Consulting with executive leaders to build equitable, inclusive, and diverse programs and initiatives. I love to see people achieve or supersede their personal goals. I realize everyone has not been provided the same access, especially those that have faced disproportionate challenges. Growing up traveling the world as a military child allowed me to see the disparity gaps that are constructed within our institutions, including education, healthcare, finance, judicial, and housing. Some additional gaps include life skills. After achieving my educational doctoral degree with personal challenges, including a learning disability, and financial difficulties, I vowed once I completed it, to give back and help close educational gaps. I have previously worked in public school districts and now transitioned to an organization fighting to end homelessness. Additionally, I have my own non-profit consulting agency, MeekAdvantage, LLC. Meek, because I understand the humility it takes to lead, which comes from learning from your failures. Furthermore, I know there is an advantage in studying to show yourself approved.

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Dr. Tamika Renata Robinson

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