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Ty Hardin | Ichthus Communication, Networking & Consulting

Ichthus Communication is a consulting company which seeks to help customers/clients reach beyond enterprise through effective communication strategies.

Operating BOTH as a Consultant & Publicist specializing in business, personal and career development!

The Beauty of kemet | Misha Mosley

To educate on truth about history and spirituality! To bring the Beauty of our light from the spirit to the physical presence.

Belal Kamara | Quick Sesh

Remote tech support at any time and in any place. Think of us as your personal help desk when you need it.

Jamal Bowen

Jamal is a young man who aspires to ensure education is at the forefront for young African Americans. Jamal shares in the belief that entrepreneurship is a key component to the success of creating generational wealth. Jamal believes in community and in God and works diligently to improve our state of community and entrepreneurship.

Ashlee Taylor

Ashlee is a social justice warrior. From being on the front lines in nearly every protest locally fighting injustices to empowering girls and women

Manushkka Sainvil | Chubby Curls

Chubby Curls Super-Hydrating, Heavenly-smelling products were formulated to solve the biggest problem curly, textured hair has – moisture retention!

Kendrick Friendly | Denver Public Schools

Veteran Urban Educator that is community oriented and determined to make sure every child has access to an education that is relevant to 21st Century global expectations and an education that breaks generational cycles.

Sheri Yarbrough | S. L. Yarbrough

Psychology of… Horror Villains, Survivors, and Victims. Movie Edition vol. I analyzes iconic horror villains. What may have caused their deviant behavior? Could they have been helped? What treatments are used for the disorder they may have had?

Taylre Malloy – Freelance Writer

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