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Goddess Innis | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador, Goddess believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community. This is your opportunity to financially support her work.


Blair Minnard | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador of My Black City, Blair believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community.


Alisha Jackson | Sereniti hair& nail studio

Sereniti Hair Studio is a place or Salon you can come and get a peace of mind. You & your hair will be Relaxed. Now you can get your nails done and some esthetician work.


Amaya Porter

Amaya has a nurturing, generous, caring, and helpful soul. She is observant to the needs of others, connects well with people, keeps in contact with people who matter to her, gives without expecting anything in return


Randi Rudolph | Lisa’s Kitchen

Lisa’s Kitchen operates on a very small scale, currently with a limited menu of casserole dishes and a few sweet treats.

Alice West-Goers Counseling Services

My name is Alice I am a clinical therapist specializing in counseling with children, adolescents, adults as well as family thearpy.


Dwayne Roberts | Men of Vision

I’m an Influencer, who Inspires men to attain their greatest potential; so, they can thrive and live life with purpose.


Jd Banks | Black Bear Cat Press

Black Bear Cat Press is a small boutique that focuses on quality and cultural competence to give clients stories and happiness through art, design, books, event setup, and creative consulting.


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Marisa Hebert

Marisa D. Hebert (She, Her) Is an Actor, Director, and Playwright located in Colorado Springs, where she lives with her wife and rescue dogs. As an actor, Marisa works with THEATREWORKS, The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and numerous other local and regional Theatres. Directorially, Marisa has worked at THEATREWORKS, The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Smokebrush Theatre, Vintage Theater, and The Millibo Arts Theatre. As a playwright, Marisa wrote Just Keep Breathing, and Love in the Hate State for the Of Spacious Skies radio series. Her first full-length play Pieces of Him won the FAC’s 2013 Rough Writers New Play festival, and selections from her lyrical autobiographical play High Yellow have been performed at UCCS and The Millibo Arts Theatre.
“We need to be weapons of mass construction, weapons of mass love. It’s not enough just to change the system. We need to change ourselves.” Assata Shakur


Biaze Houston

University of Virginia – Partnership for Leaders in Education, District Support Chief


Deborah J. Anderson

Her voice is angelic, and it touches who ever can hear her sing.

Goddess Innis | Intern

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