Tune In Daily on Alexa all other devices 93.9 FM also 88.5FM and 1390am and 104.7 FM Locally in Denver. Thanks for tuning in to your #1 source for Today's Hit music KSPX Sparkx Radio.

We were established in 1995 as a start-up internet company radio station that has grown to AM/FM radio and a worldwide format now with major monitoring and Tracking for all artists. You are now about to make music charts off the station as before you could not. We provide competitive rates for all advertisers we benefit the most companies that have a product that you can sell worldwide example (Pepsi, Cd Duplication, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) Corporations benefit most from advertising from Sparkx Radio Network and we also provide cable Tv via Roku & Amazon Fire stick Tv. On avg, we have about 30,000 listeners on each of the 54 networks that we broadcast on at the same time which will give you an avg of 1,620,000 listeners worldwide on a daily basis. We are playing live every day on Facebook with over 217,000 listeners on Facebook alone. Sparkx Tv Network is New just started after the Pandemic in May so only a few months old with 4 million viewers worldwide on our Tv network so slowly but surely we are growing and we are a Black-owned and operated company that started in Marietta Ga. We opened offices in Lakewood Colorado to handle the west coast region. We appreciate the support we get from Colorado Black Arts Festival for 15 years they have worked closely with us to help us with funding for our company during the hard times of the pandemic. Brother Jeff Place has been instrumental in helping get the word out about our services and who we are to help increase listeners to the station. So as we are in the community the people in it have been a huge help to us as we grow this Network of Media services of Radio and TV. Thank you all for your continued support.

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