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Comeback with Erica Cobb | A Princess Found: Sarah Colberson

Princess Sarah Colberson shares her amazing story of being a biracial child adopted by a White family in West Virgin to discovering in her twenties that she was a Mende Princess of Bompe in Sierra Leone!  Sarah’s incredible journey is documented in her book, “A Princess Found,” which is being adapted to a Disney movie.  To learn more about Sarah’s journey and her work as a philanthropist, public speaker, educator, writer and actress follow Sarah on social media @IamPrincessSC and her charity:

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Erica Cobb

I experienced some serious obstacles starting five years ago with the unexpected loss of a highly successful job that snowballed into nearly 3 years of personal, professional and financial hardships.  Still in the public eye, I resolved to “fake it ’til I made it back.” Three years later I have exceeded my former life and expectations.  Now I want to help others who have lost their way Come back. With unfiltered, street savvy and comprehensive advice, I hope to save others time as they get ready and stay ready for their next chapters.

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Comeback with Erica Cobb | A Princess Found: Sarah Colberson

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