Colonel Kelvin Dumas

“If I don’t serve to protect those I love, who will? ”


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Colonel Kelvin Dumas

Active Duty | 21 years in the U.S. Air force


What do you do in the service?

Currently I am the Reserve Advisor to the Space Operations Command Director of Space and Cyber Operations. My current job supports the new service, US Space Force. Previous to that, I serve in numerous positions from nuclear operations to space operations. I have commanded at every level I have been eligible to command.

What is your perspective of patriotism?

America is by no means perfect country, but I do believe her values are. Having patriotism are the ideas found in our constitution. My patriotism is defending the constitution which gives people the freedom to protest, the freedom to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and more. For me, having the American flag fly outside my house or as a decal on my vehicle doesn’t make me a patriot. Reciting the pledge of allegiance or standing for the national anthem doesn’t make anyone patriotic if they don’t believe in and protect the values of all men being created equal. To me, exercising your constitutional rights makes you a patriot. To me, patriotism is making sure all citizens of our country enjoy the freedoms provided under the constitution of our country. Patriotism is not being divisive, but understanding that our common bonds are greater than any political ideology.

What are things that people should consider before they decide to serve their country?

The military isn’t for everyone. Although we have an all volunteer force, I believe it is a calling to serve one’s country. People should consider what are they willing to die and sacrifice for. For me, my thought was if I don’t serve to protect those I love, who will?

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Colonel Kelvin Dumas

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