Ciera Nykohl

an amazing young lady. She is not only musically talented but is also an athlete and an amazing student. 


Nominated By Janit Pollard

“Ciera Nykohl (CeCe) is an amazing young lady. She is not only musically talented, but is also an athlete and an amazing student.  Ciera is a member of Summit, which is the top group of the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale. She is a member of multiple choirs at Mesa Ridge High School as well. She loves to sing and play her violin. She also plays club volleyball for the Hot Shotz club team. At church, she wears many hats: she is an active member of the church choir and is in charge of running the camera for the live stream on Sunday mornings. With all she does, Ciera remains an excellent student and a humble young lady.”

My Black Colorado Interview

Tell me a little bit about you.

My name is Ciera. I’m a junior at Mesa Ridge High School. I like to sing and I play many sports. I also like to help out my church with its food pantry and just anything my church needs. I’m always there to help out.

What do you think others would say they like the most about you and why?

I would say what others like about me the most is my personality. They always tell me I tend to put a smile on their faces. I just like to crack jokes and just do fun things with them.

When you’re not in a class, what are things you enjoy being involved with and why?

I enjoy being a part of my club volleyball team and choir. I play for Hot Shotz Club volleyball and I am the right side, which means I play on the right side of the court and spike (hit) the ball from that area each time. I really like just being a part of my team because no matter what, they always have my back and we’re always just happy together.

Tell me more about your choir, how long have you been singing?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I started out just singing in my church, and then when I was in sixth grade, I started taking singing a little bit more seriously. When I sing I just feel free like I’m floating and I have nothing to worry about. I recently joined the Children’s Chorale which is pretty much the top children’s choir in Colorado and it’s a great experience for me.

What is the experience like being a part of the Children’s Chorale?

So we basically just sing all over Colorado and we do concerts every season. Before Covid, we sang all over the world in different countries. More importantly, we help the community by donating toys and food to homeless shelters and other helpful organizations. It’s just a fun family that I joined. I learned a lot about singing and I remember daily to not hold anything back, just sing your heart out because you never know who’s listening to you.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

I was struggling with school and started to give up on myself, but my grandma told me to just be myself and be the best I can be.

What is one thing you want to get better at?

I would like to work on my mindset. When things go wrong, I’d like to have a better thought process. When I was younger, I had a bad habit of just giving up and not even trying anymore. So now I reinforce positive affirmations and basically just hype myself up so that way I can finish what I need to get done.

What is one piece of advice that adults need to hear to help them connect with the younger generation better?

I would say to listen and try to understand your child. You never know what your child is actually going through, especially nowadays.

What accomplishments or awards are you the proudest of and why?

In my freshman year, I lettered in varsity basketball, choir, and orchestra. As for this past year, I was able to go to Adams State University which is the top school in the nation for choir, and got to tour the school and put on a concert with the top high school singers in the state. That was a great experience.

What impact have you made in the community that you are most proud of?

I like to help out in my church with the food pantry because it warms my heart and brings smiles to people’s faces when they receive their food. It’s just a great feeling.

How has your faith evolved?

When I was little, I was just thinking I was forced to go to church like, “Oh, it’s Sunday. I have to go to church.” But now, as I have been growing up, I’m actually building a connection with God and I think that also helps me become a better person. I know where I stand in my life and how He always has my back.

What would you like to pursue for your career?

I would like to become a music teacher or something in the music department. When my teachers share their music experience with me in class or choir, they really inspire me to do better and I want to share my story with others, especially younger individuals.

How has your family helped you grow and develop into the person you are?

They always push me to be the best; they never let me slack off or anything. My mom would never let me just settle for what I can do. She always pushes me to be my best and I really appreciate that.

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Ciera Nykohl

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