Chuck Acker


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Lead Classroom Educator at Friends First

We deliver programs in Denver area , Colorado Springs an Pueblo school districts. I mainly deliver a program Project AIM(Adult Identity Mentoring) to Middle School Students. Project AIM is an evidence base curriculum based on the scientific theory of Future Self-Continuity. The goal is that if you can get a young person to see themselves in the future, the better they will protect that future now. Coming out of the projects of Denver and no male influence, I understand the importance of young people seeing someone that not only looks like them but. also understands the tough conditions that many of them may have at home and in their communities. I enjoy using my gift from God, connecting with young people on a deeper level therefore having more lasting impact on their lives and future. Our mantra at FRIENDS FIRST is ‘MentorLife’…”Always invest in someone, always have someone investing in you”.

and drug use; early sexual activity; and violence) that could impact their potential for future success., Colorado Springs an Pueblo school districts., I work with a non-profit FRIENDS FIRST and deliver programs in all Denver area, knowledge and strong role models that enable them to make positive life choices like refraining from high-risk behaviors (such as alcohol, Self-Awareness and MentorLife. Our STARS peer mentoring program in High Schools along with our Middle School program Project AIM, tobacco, We emphasize on Future Focus, we provide teens with the tools

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